In July 2017 I was presented with an opportunity to join a team of like-minded individuals and participate in Microsoft’s annual Hackathon, a three-day, global event for employees. Each member of our team had equally been touched upon hearing the story of Yuwa, a nonprofit soccer and school academy for girls in Jharkhand, India.

Yuwa, which means “youth” in Hindi, works specifically with girls from impoverished families in rural Jharkhand, India—a place where girls are at risk of child marriage and human trafficking. It is a program that uses team sports and education to build character, confidence, and courage. Yuwa was founded in 2009 when American Franz Gastler moved to Jharkhand, having grown up in Minnesota.

In October 2017 I ventured out to explore new opportunities to further my own personal aspirations and other lifetime goals I myself had in mind. I was nonetheless very much drawn to Yuwa and the personal commitment I had made to their organization to nonetheless endeavor to offer as much of my own personal time and skills (philanthropy efforts) as I possibly could, because the order of magnitude that this organization had in fact inspired me such as to realize that so many of us can actually make a measurable difference that can and will help shape the lives, the dreams and the aspirations of these young girls in India, through the work that Yuwa are doing.

I have personally spent a substantial amount of my own time creating an app leveraging PowerApps that enables Yuwa to track attendance for both school class sessions as well as team football practices and is one of several components that together have culminated in a far wider overall solution that is already making a difference to Yuwa and enabling them to achieve far larger goals, supporting their own mission within this improvised community.

If this story interests you as well some of the techniques leveraged in developing the app or or alternatively should you wish to find out more about Yuwa, the organization that inspired this app, check out the following websites:


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