Video is a step-by-step tutorial on my top 25 Microsoft Power Automate flow tips and tricks. Tutorial covers useful flow features & tips like different flow types, flow templates, flow connector suite, best practices around renaming actions and flows, how to copy and paste actions, use scopes for grouping, compose Vs variable conundrum, expression editor, how to enable the new experimental features, generate flow run URL, trigger conditions to avoid flow API calls, use peek code, apply concurrency control to apply to each loop to speed up processing, format numbers, dates and times, convert time zones, error handling, timeouts and flow limits and much more.

My Power Automate flows playlist –

Reference Blog By John MacDougall:

Expression used in video to get the flow run link – concat(‘’,

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Table of Contents:
00:00​ – Intro
00:21 – Tip 1 – Power Automate flow types
03:15 – Tip 2 – Power Automate flow templates
04:19 – Tip 3 – Creating flows in Power Automate
05:24 – Tip 4 – Connectors in Power Automate flows
06:25 – Tip 5 – Renaming actions in flows
08:09 – Tip 6 – Add comments to flow actions
09:27 – Tip 7 – Copy and paste flow actions
10:46 – Tip 8 – Group flow actions using scope
11:28 – Tip 9 – Compose Vs Variables
13:11 – Tip 10 – Power Automate expressions and how to turn on experimental features
14:51 – Tip 11 – Get flow run URL
16:18 – Tip 12 – Power Automate flow trigger conditions
18:24 – Tip 13 – Peek code
19:06 – Tip 14 – Apply to each loop concurrency control
20:58 – Tip 15 – Format number as currency, decimal or custom formats
22:02 – Tip 16 – Date time format and converting time zones in flow
23:44 – Tip 17 – Data operations – Select, Filter, Create csv & html table
25:48 – Tip 18 – Parallel branches in flow
26:25 – Tip 19 – Error handling in Power Automate flows
28:51 – Tip 20 – Flow checker
29:52 – Tip 21 – Test flow runs
30:25 – Tip 22 – Add additional flow Owners
31:38 – Tip 23 – Share flows – Export and Import flows
32:55 – Tip 24 – Flow run duration limit – 30 days
34:06 – Tip 25 – Flow run history – 28 days
34:43 – Bonus Tip – Cloud flows Vs Shared with me
35:07 – Subscribe

  1. Stavros Vogiatzis 1 month ago

    You are the best Reza, thank you.

  2. Cheri James 1 month ago

    This is so helpful! I have been trying to learn this myself, as I want to create automation for several repetitive tasks and help schedule block times for emails etc. I have one that I reworked from an existing template that works well, however, I have two problems. The flow triggers when I send an email from outlook to a tab in a page in OneNote. It will block off the next available 30 minutes on my schedule. My two issues are 1. It doesn’t look out into future days. It only looks at today. I have so many tasks in my job that I want to be able to tell my client when they can expect me to work on that task, and just help me be organized more. The other issue is when I trigger it by sending an email to OneNote, it may not trigger for up to 15-20 minutes, or seemingly not at all at times. I feel like it has to do with sync times with the cloud because I used the desktop apps for Outlook and OneNote 2016. I really want to share this template with my team, who will find this incredibly valuable. I work for a company of 20k people and feel these type of productivity flows will be like gold! Any insight would be helpful. There are two flow templates with the word “block” off the the next avail 30 minutes as a reference. The one that is triggered with a button is the one I hijacked and just made the trigger when a new page is created in a section of OneNote instead. Everything else is exactly identical to the template. I’m going to watch this a few times to see if I can get more functional understanding of how this works. Understanding calendar steps and functions with date and time is what I need!

  3. Marcelo Lorca 1 month ago

    I like the green screen 📺 👌

  4. Prabu Radha 1 month ago

    You are a rock star @reza. Thanks a lot for your videos. They help us a lot.

  5. ved prakash 1 month ago

    What is the tool to create your avatar in the beginning of the video ?

  6. This video is a must for everyone creating flows, 30 minutes of pure knowledge. Thank you Reza

  7. ankesh sinha 1 month ago

    This is 35 mins of pure awesomeness Reza.

  8. Vignesh Ramasamy 1 month ago

    Absolutely loved all tips. Pure Gold. Thank you. Reza, Will you help doing a video about SharePoint & it's UI customisation ?

  9. Henik Baldaniya 1 month ago

    I have created state machine approval flow, I am waiting for approval till 28 days, If timed out, I am re-triggering same based on your one of video.
    My question is "Now I want to transfer flow to another person in my org.,but there are many flow trigger are in running state, so if i transfer flow to other, what happens to running flow action? How to handle it?
    Note: I am waiting for 28 day for my approval response

  10. Vignesh Kumar 1 month ago

    It is a awesome video. I like every tricks a lot especially the error handling part.

  11. RPA Champion 1 month ago

    indeed very good tips

  12. Phil Worrell 1 month ago

    Great Video Reza, lots of useful info, for beginners to pro;s, some I didn't know in there and I have been using Flow since its early days ;). My one tip I would add is in renaming actions. Rename them but leave the action type at the beginning. e.g. Get items – Project items That way you know exactly what type of action it is and what it does / its purpose. I always used to find that having a number of same coloured steps confused me about what type of action it was.

  13. Jeff SansNom 1 month ago

    Last tip is a mystery of flow, you share a flow and it becomes "shared with me"
    Great list of things to know for flow ! I hope I discovered it in my learning days.
    Some more I used recently :
    1. Take ownership of a flow created by smbdy in admin center
    2. Check Flow stats to ensure it doesnt go over the 24H usage limit (Thousand of request per 24h)

  14. Vinamra Chandra 1 month ago

    Thanks Reza. Wonderful compilation. I love the way you present just at the right level (for me) of detail. Anyway I can contribute to your wonderful quest for sharing your knowledge?
    Also can you share the test workflow you used in the video?

  15. Arshad Sheikh 1 month ago

    Awesome job another gteat example of helping community

  16. Jayantkumar Joshi 1 month ago

    Really very much useful knowledge sharing. 👌👌👌
    Each-n-every knowledge you shared in this video is absolutely much useful.
    And…I really appreciate the efforts you've put to make this video.
    The time you have invested in preparing this video will work like a ready-reckoner for us.
    Thank you very much, Reza. 🤝👍💐

  17. BhargavReddy V 1 month ago

    Your are my teacher sir!

  18. krupani v 1 month ago

    Very helpful video, Thanks Reza, one question if we rename the connection, later if I want to know which connection I am using? Where can I check that?

  19. alzaimoor79 1 month ago

    indeed very useful tips, trigger condition, speed up apply to each and timeout handling, thanks for sharing.

  20. Sohan Singh Chauhan 1 month ago

    Great Video Reza, Can please suggest the best way if need to read more than 5000 records from the list how we can read, in the list have around 2 Lakh + records .. there is a filter not possible because need to check each and every item in another list those still exist or not. basically, this list combined information from multiple lists and regularly need to check the item exist in actual lit or not Thanks for the Video

  21. Abdulmajeed AlGhazali 1 month ago

    Great video like always.. some of the tips saved my time as I was achieving same results but in difficult ways

  22. MsAmyrock 1 month ago

    Excellent! I've been using Flow for years and I learned something new!

  23. Chad Kealey 1 month ago

    Thank you for providing such a comprehensively useful resource! I have a LOT of folks asking me "how do I get started with Power Automate?" Now I know where to send them!

    On a slightly different topic, I've been fiddling around with the "Power Automate Management" connector's actions and built a few flows to help inventory and manage my flows (I'm planning to record a video showing how I did that, just waiting to work out some of the bugs). I now have a Microsoft List (called "My Flows") that serves as my master inventory. One bit of information that I haven't found a good way to retrieve is the timestamp of the last run for a given flow. I know I can get that when a flow runs, but that would mean adding a step to all of my flows, some of which run as other users, who don't have permission to my "My Flows" list). I was hoping it would be an output value/property of the "Get flow" action, but it's not. Any ideas?

  24. Kim Salas 1 month ago

    I especially appreciate the DateTime action. I have been in great need of this. How would I use this with a datepicker from PowerApps where the source date is CST, but the destination date is Germany where the format is Before I saw this video, when I used the datepicker it processed the date as a day behind. UTC is still confusing to me. Thank you for your help.

  25. Julien 1 month ago

    Thank you so much Reza, I got a question regarding "Get flow run URL" what about if I stored for an item the flow run URL in SharePoint and after 28-day I came back to check this run history can I still find it?

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