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In this video you’ll learn how you can share the Power Apps you build in Dataverse for Teams 🙀to users outside of the team you built it in . This gives you a way to build and deploy scalable and centralized applications for your entire organization! I’ll walk you through all the steps and even show how you can use Teams app set up policies to automatically pin your app for all users!

Learn more about this new feature here: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/you-can-now-share-dataverse-for-teams-apps-beyond-a-team/

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Dataverse for Teams Background
01:30 – Accessing Dataverse for Teams
02:09 – Permissions Needed to Share
02:30 – Grant Users Access to the Tables
04:50 – Sharing the app with other users
07:07 – Accessing the shared app
08:14 – Add a shared app as a tab
08:38 – Deploy to all users with set up policy
10:20 – Configure a Teams app set up policy
11:58 – Wrap Up

  1. Filip Wiński 8 months ago

    Great Video. One Question: How to connect Power BI Desktop to Team Dataverse?

  2. Lister De Leon 8 months ago

    Excellent! Thxs April

  3. Sundra Pillay 8 months ago

    Thanks April excellent as always

  4. jeroen dekker 8 months ago

    Awesome video as always!

  5. Phil Worrell 8 months ago

    Good improvement but still a little limited. As in you cannot have more than one group. Would be good to be able to set one group for the Read only role, some with full access and others with collaborative. Though we can do that a little with the group members , Owners roles. Still you cannot have everything.

  6. Reza Dorrani 8 months ago

    Well done April. I like the Teams App policy to deploy the App to users.

  7. Douglas Doe 8 months ago

    Great tutorial it is. Thanks April

  8. bigpix2000 8 months ago

    A note that when you add the app in the end for all users to see on the left, it takes awhile before it shows …. be patient 🙂 thanks April!

  9. Alexa López Solis 8 months ago

    HI APRIL 🙁
    I do have an enormous problem with excel , when the co owners open the app and wanna see uploaded photos in the forms , they can not 🙁 they just see the Data , i dont know the reason , but it´s really frustating , I hope you can help me, I have already shared my file with the users 🙁 and I don´t understand whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, everything goes welll but the image only appears for the one who uploaded it

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