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Project Oakdale is officially in public preview now so in this Template Tuesday video I thought I would walk through the Project Oakdale Inspection Template. This is one of three templates included in Project Oakdale right now. It’s highly customizable and suitable for various inspection and auditing use cases.

I’ll walk you through how to add the Project Oakdale capability to your Teams environment and how to install and configure the Inspection app.

Microsoft Blog Article: Using the Inspection Template – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/teams/inspection

Microsoft Blog Article: Project Oakdale Known Issues and Limitations – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/teams/known-issues-limitations

Table of Content
00:00 – Introduction
01:09 – Adding Project Oakdale to your Teams Environment
02:12 – Installing the Inspection Template
03:38 – Customizing the Template

  1. Kevin Bryan 12 months ago

    Awesome as always – can't wait to see build from scratch..

  2. David Jimenez 12 months ago

    thank you! always nice to watch your videos.

  3. murali krishna N 12 months ago

    First of all thank you so much April for delivering this great content. I personally learnt a lot by going through your vides. Do you have any plans of recording a video on how to connect to AWS S3 bucket using power automate and utilize all the advantages which SFTP-SSH offers in power automate. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  4. Fady Anwar 12 months ago

    Hey April, great demo as usual. I’m really excited about this. As an ISV I hope that there will be a way to develop and license a product that can be sold to org, will this possible?

  5. Jan G. Laursen 12 months ago

    I like your videos. But boy you're talking fast!!

  6. Sundra Pillay 12 months ago

    Thank you April for sharing.

  7. Paul Shadwell 12 months ago

    I added PowerApps to Teams but when I go there I get this message "We are currently not available in your region
    You can pick a supported region to create your app by going to Power Apps in web." 🙁

  8. michelle s. veloso 12 months ago

    Thanks April ! Great demo 🙂

  9. Eva Vogel 12 months ago

    Great video, thank you! Would like to have a deep dive into the PowerApps UI of that inspections template. Microsoft should share this App as a Template, i would suppose, so that we can learn it originally in PowerApps. I dare to "inspect" the ER (entity relationship instead of emergency room) Modelling in these template 🙂

  10. Sam Gray 12 months ago

    Great overview April. Would love to see how the inspection UI works on mobile device. Are you able to show us this? Thanks

  11. Olga Melo 11 months ago

    April, thank you for publishing this video, Project Oakdale seems promising, the templates are very useful. On a complete different topic, Do you have a video/post on how to create a tree view (4 levels) in Power Apps & SP as DS. I've looked at a couple of videos and have not been able to get this working. I know this can't be too complicated but I haven't had any luck. Thank you

  12. Márcio Kataoka 11 months ago

    Good to know about Project Oakdale! Another thing: These video timeline annotations you add are really helpful!

  13. Jamie Dowdall 8 months ago

    Hi April,

    Great video thank you, I have started to look at some of the functionality in the Templates and use them in my own apps.

    Do you have any idea why quite a few of the Properties are missing for Labels, Buttons, Date Pickers in PowerApps for teams, I notice they are present on some of the labels etc in the templates but not in my App.

    For example a Label does not seem to have any of the Padding, Disabled Color, Pressed Color or Tool Tip Properties when added from the side toolbox. I have noticed that some of the labels already built into the Inspection and Employeee Idea's Templates do have the full range of properties.

    A bit of frustration is the new date picker as it will not allow me to change the background fill, so I am stuck on the Default Teams Background Fill color.

  14. Anthony Ang 8 months ago

    Hi April, thanks for this great overview! I have the following situation: 5 inspection/audit forms, each containing about 70-80 checklist questions divided into various sections. For each audit/inspection, the auditor will have to select one out of 300 possible inspection sites from a dropdown list. The auditor will also need to either type in an auto-complete Address or use a geolocating function to get the exact current location. I don't need think I would need the Location Type or Grouped Inspections, as designed in this Inspection app. How would you suggest that I go about customising the Inspection apps to satisfy these requirements? Is it possible to import a list of 300 sites (csv or Excel) to become a selection question in the Inspection Form? How do I create a Geolocation question in the form? Thank you very much for your suggestions.

  15. Jake Roduner 8 months ago

    Is there a way to change it from 3 options to 1 text input? eg adding the odometer reading from a vehicle?

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