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Welcome to first episode of this podcast!

In this show, we are joined by two amazing guests –

– Jon Levesque, Senior Platform Evangelist at Microsoft linktr.ee/jonjlevesque

– Geetha Sivasailam, Consultant at Artis Consulting svaghub.wordpress.com

Questions discussed in the show:

What is one of the new features of Power Platform that you are excited about? (Vivek)

Power Virtual Agents? First Impressions? Useful? Easy to build? Not applicable (Jon)

What’s the next productivity feature for Flow makers on your wish list? (Geetha)

2020 as we all know has been a tough year. Tell me one thing that you liked about it or something good that happened to you this year. (Vivek)

When the pandemic is over what is one place you will travel and one thing you will do there? (Jon)

What tip would you give your 20 year old self? (Geetha)

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