In this tutorial video, you will learn how to Print any screen in Power Apps using the Print() function. We will create a simple Print button and call the print function to print the entire PowerApps screen. We will also explore how to print all items in a gallery. We are provided with 2 new screen layouts to print PowerApps screen in Portrait and Landscape Mode. Note:

These features are currently available in preview environments with release cadence frequent in targeted tenants. I will update here as this feature becomes GA (generally available).

#PowerApps #Print #PrintForm

Table of Contents:
00:00​ – Intro
00:21 – Portrait & Landscape Print Templates
00:51 – Print screen using the new print function
01:38 – Hide controls in Print Screen
02:41 – Print settings
04:00 – Print screen with gallery – add print button
06:09 – Print form in Power Apps
06:36 – Print all records in Gallery
11:54 – Print screen with multiple Power Apps controls
12:32 – Subscribe

  1. govinda chandra 2 weeks ago

    Very nice feature and well explained. Thanks Reza

  2. Maximilian Hofmann 2 weeks ago

    Very nice. Thanks for the very good summary and tips again.
    Do you know if there will be a possibility to print several Screens at once? So the Print Dialog displays several pages for printing?

  3. N S 2 weeks ago

    Well done Reza. Thanks

  4. Teresa Agustin 2 weeks ago

    This is so great! Can’t wait for it to roll out for everyone. Thank you for the “next level” tips you shared Reza. You pack so much great content into brief videos – amazing 🤩

  5. Fritz Nie 2 weeks ago

    Great – as always!!!

  6. Juan Almanzar 2 weeks ago

    Excellent. Thanks.

  7. alzaimoor79 2 weeks ago

    Excellent, thanks 🙏

  8. Ranjit Singh 2 weeks ago

    Great feature. Great video.

  9. Luke Dodd 2 weeks ago

    Nice work Reza – lovely work-around for the full gallery printing!

  10. Sundra Pillay 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Reza

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