1. Don B 3 years ago

    Is there a way to have the timesheets created in this app submitted to someone else for approval?

  2. joshua arnold 3 years ago

    yes how can you use a drop down column in the list for the app every time I go to have thisitem.client it doesnt display the drop down data

  3. JPP 2 years ago

    Could you export this data to excel?

  4. yossi vizel 2 years ago

    were can i get the code for the web part ?

  5. Fran Ivanković 1 year ago

    can i add a colum down below that adds up the time and displays total time?

  6. Gustavo Dal Pai 1 year ago

    Hello Rory! I loved the solution and I want to try here where I work, but is it possible to block the editing of items on powerapps? My co-worker added an item, but I can edit it normally. Just as he can edit my items.

  7. Joe Howey 1 year ago

    Hi Rory. I'm wanting to modify your solution slightly so users can search their "name" and select their username from our AD which it then logs in the list. How would you recommend doing this? Thanks in advance

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