Microsoft Stream is coming to PowerApps in January 2020. This is an incredible development as we can now have organisation videos safely held in Office 365 that can be for all sorts of purposes.
In this video we see how to use the control, frankly it is awesome. We can set a start time, fit the video to the screen, SEARCH for words said during the video and hold the videos in a gallery.
As a video maker this is really significant.

Remember this is ONLY available in US Preview environments until Jan 2020.

During the video we use the table function and you can borrow the syntax here.

{VidURL:”″,Item:3, StartTime:70},
{VidURL:”″,Item:4, StartTime:120}

Here is a link to the vid on building a Power BI Explorer – I fully intend to integrate Stream into this storytelling methodology

  1. Vicente Rodrigo 1 year ago

    Brilliant! Muchas gracias

  2. This is a great, thanks Rory! I'm looking forward to getting the Stream connectors that can feed this control and/or galleries.

  3. D cM 1 year ago

    Hi Rory,
    how can i display a button after the video has played?


  4. Ruby Light 9 months ago

    HI Rory! Thanks for this great video!

    We have a requirement to embed recorded video tutorials to our Power BI app – but I don't know how.. Can this be done using PowerApps? Do you have a tutorial how ? Ex when a user navigates to a Power BI page, if there is a button to click on the linked video, a window should pop-up for them to watch.

    Thanks a lot !

  5. Naman Lamba 8 months ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

    Could you please advise, how to set start time of the Stream Video to 0 when clicked on a button lets say "Close Video"

  6. Neil McLeod 5 months ago

    Hi Rory, have you found that users are constantly asked for there permission to use the Microsoft Stream connection? I also don't see MS Stream listed as a connection / datasource which may be part of the problem. Thanks in advance!

  7. Sangram Pradhan 4 months ago

    This is great, thanks Rory. Is it possible to record videos using Power Apps?

  8. Abhilash Kumar 4 months ago

    Hello Rory, I tried using stream in my app but when I'm using my mobile phone to test it the strem is not playing and similarly I also tried to use the video from media it shows the same issue

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