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In this video on PowerApps Multiple Filters on Gallery, we will go through a step-by-step tutorial of applying multiple filters to PowerApps Gallery control. We will apply multiple filters of type text, date, dropdown, combo box, checkbox, multi-select combo boxes etc.
I will also showcase how to get around the default select item issue with Gallery so that you can have all items displayed when no filter is applied and filter the galleries based on multiple filters once filter is applied.
We will leverage both Microsoft Dataverse (CDS) and SharePoint as a data source in this video on How to apply Multiple filters on Gallery in Power Apps.

Video covers the following:
✅ Multiple filters for Gallery
✅ Search function and filter function
✅ Filter based on single select combo box (acts like a dropdown control)
✅ Filter based on multi-select combo box
✅ Filter based on multi-select checkboxes
✅ Filter based on date range
✅ Reset filters

Delegation documentation – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/delegation-overview
My delegation playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTyFh-qDKAiE6ia-D94Qk5-AzpN4dqOmD

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:42- Data source schema – Dataverse table
01:07 – Search on text column
02:30 – What is Delegation?
03:45 – Filter on Choice column (single-select filter)
06:26 – Show data when no filter value is selected
08:26 – Add a second filter using comb box choices
09:41 – Filter on Choice column (multi-select filter)
11:40 – Filter on checkbox selections (multiple)
14:28 – Filter based on date range
16:15 – Reset filters
17:36 – Apply multiple filters with respect to SharePoint as a data source

  1. tommy hamilton 5 months ago

    Another great video Reza, keep up the good work. I will be using this method for filtering data in the future. again great work👍

  2. Ger Fer 5 months ago


  3. Tigere Chiriga 5 months ago

    Reza, great content thank you! How do I create gallery that is grouped by section so that if I click one of the sections, it will open new screen at the top of that section but expanded to show sub items, while still letting me scroll up to previous sections or continue to next section and subitems?🤷‍♂️

  4. billakanti karthik 5 months ago

    Hi Reza, great video. I like your IsBlank and IsEmpty conditions. Awesome 👌

  5. omar al aufi 5 months ago

    @reza , I get error in the Equal sign ? when apply the command in the gallery items Filter('Expense_1',Category = ComboBox2.Selected.Value)

  6. Mohan Srinivasamurthy 5 months ago

    Thank you Reza. Can you let us know how did you got your Gallery Items as separate boxes?

  7. Master piece. Thank you Reza as always.

  8. Teresa Agustin 5 months ago

    Thank you for demystifying gallery filters for us Reza. It is such a core piece of every app, but can be confusing knowing how to nest Search, Filter and SortByColumns in a Gallery Items formula.

  9. Ron Bakker 5 months ago

    Another great reference video, thank you Reza.

  10. Juan Sánchez 5 months ago

    There we go! Yet another video with amazing information by Reza. Before this, my filters where huge because of several nested if statements. Thanks a lot.

  11. Christopher S 5 months ago

    Reza thank you for sharing this information! The IsBlank/IsEmpty was unknown to me until now. I really appreciate the detailed explanation and tips. Extremely helpful examples…

  12. B K 4 months ago

    You have an amazing knack for teaching. You pick nice examples to demonstrate and provide information to the point. Good job and Thanks

  13. PAVANI n 4 months ago

    Very useful video

  14. Bidey Yusuf 4 months ago

    I usually battle with Nested statements, especially when it comes to filter & search functions. You are saving a lot of lives with this video Reza. This is like a VACCINE for our Filter virus. I appreciate you.

  15. arif elahi 4 months ago

    Instantly subscribed your channel after watching isblank or isempty. Earlier I was using nested if 😀

  16. John Heck 4 months ago

    Another great video Reza. Thanks. I do have one question and that pertains to the Gallery you created. How did you create a gallery that goes left to right and down? Do you have a video to demonstrate this? Thank you.

  17. John 3:8 4 months ago

    ok… i finally figured out my question! haha thank you for this awesome video… i have a sharepoint data source and was running into delegation warnings w/multiple selects using a combobox… you said at the end of the video there was a 'hack' around this issue, since it seems like single select was only shown in this video using a sharepoint data source… how do you filter w/multiple select combobox in sharepoint w/out getting a delegation warning? i'll dive into your delegation series. Thanks, this was SUPER helfpul.

  18. Fernanda 3 months ago

    This video was a life saver!! Is it possible to download that demo?? I would like to look at commands and schemes in depth.

  19. Mikołaj Piasecki 3 months ago

    I love your videos. But now I have problem. When I add filter function from combobox to gallery – it doesn’t work.. I made it 10000 times and still not working 🙄 Can someone help me? 😇

  20. Maxime Klifman 3 months ago

    Thanks for your video!! It helped me a lot. Is there a way to default check some checkboxes, for example: when going to this screen "Not started" and "In progress" are default checked? I tried with a If statement, but then the filtering does not work anymore. Thanks in advance!

  21. Jaycee Baltazar 3 months ago

    This is what im looking for.thanks 🤩🤩🤩

  22. Great video. But I have a question, how do you do it with Sharepoint column that has type Yes/No or you do it with toggle control? Thanks 🙂

  23. Daniela Tiparu 3 months ago

    Hi, I am working with a large data from SQL and using this tutorial is very helpful, but I am still getting the delegation notification. Could you please help? I think I need to create collections for each search, correct?

  24. Samit Bhattacharya 3 months ago

    Brilliant solution on filters. Followed the steps and have used these with ease and would like to generate the output in form of charts. In anticipation of your ultimate guidance. Thank you.

  25. Ajay Kumar 3 months ago

    Wow, Amazing video again, Can i use data from SharePoint as well

  26. Prasenjit Mukherjee 3 months ago

    Nice video and also your style of teaching.I have a list in sharepoint where I will fill a form everyday basis by using powerapps.Now if I want to check all the entries(exaple for a month) in dashboard then what formula I have to apply?Please guide me Sir.Its very urgent.

  27. Pedro Eloy 3 months ago

    Very nice and useful!!!

  28. Mario Araujo 3 months ago

    Top Video Reza as always!! It's possible to filter a Gallery based on a Lookup Column in Sharepoint? I can use the Choices function to get the values to a ComboBox, but when I tried to filter the gallery it's return a error. Keep the good working.

  29. king lion 3 months ago

    Hi Reza what is the type of gallery you have added i have used blank horizontal but the problem is i have to enter the wrap count i want it dynamic same layout you used if there is more records i should be able to scroll down to see the records please can you share a link or tell me how can i achieve this

  30. Great video. Extremely userful!

  31. Fernanda 2 months ago

    Reza, I have a question. I was using your tutorial to build my multi filter. My data comes from Sharepoint. First 2 filters worked perfectly, but when I wanted to add the checkbox filter, everything stopped working. Checkbox filter doesn't work with sharepoint database?? I saw the end of the video for sharepoint data and that filter wasn't explained, so I have that doubt… Thanks for your help!

  32. Zaid Kashour 2 months ago

    I am trying to filter my Table (formerly CDS) based on this explanation but I am not getting anything. If I use my Table as the main data source, I get a delegation warning, If I use a collection for the same Table, I get nothing! is there anything I should do for my entity/table?
    I am tryin to filter my gallery based on a combobox selection for an option set!

  33. Miguel Sierra 2 months ago

    Hey, it's me again haha
    I don´t know if it's because I'm using Dataverse for Teams but the combobox show me a list of numbers and not the list of choices i have in the table and i don´t know why
    psdt: If I choose one of the options, the filters function it's works

  34. Amandeep Sharma 2 months ago

    Thankyou so much @Reza Dorrani sir its really helpful, but I have a query regarding this, at starting from minute 6.00 in video suppose I want to choose two options in single time and it will show all the record of both options, so what can I do to make it working as I need two options details shown but in the video only one options details is shown even if we have selected both.

  35. Joseph Wright 2 months ago

    Great info, I only wish I had come across this sooner.

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