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Join me and the Super, Super User…Yash Agarwal as we show you an introduction to Power Virtual Agents!

Holy wow, this is some amazing tech, dont you think??

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Much Love from Me!

– Jon

  1. Jaipal Rana 2 years ago

    superb coding..now I came to know how it works!! some time ago i used such service where i was trying to get the answer but it was an irritating experience at the time, unfortunately there bot was not proper programmed, as the Yash did in this video. AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO JON for bringing knowledge to us.

  2. Alonso Pareja 2 years ago

    Thanks! I was taking a look to the preview version but was wondering if it’s available to deploy the bot in Spanish or other languages? Good job!

  3. 河端善博 2 years ago

    🤣 Excellent, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent to make chat bot with no-code for everyone.
    I hope more videos, more chat channel, less price,
    chat channels: like Facebook, Skype, LINE
    less price: like 100 sessions Power Virtual Agent

  4. Fabian Ackeret 1 year ago

    That is great, thanks for the video. I just have one question: you talked about embedding this bot to a website so customers could ask the status about, e.g. an order. However, if a flow can only be started with an HTTP action, doesnt the customer need a per user plan, respectively the company a per flow plan? As I think otherwise you couldnt use it like this

  5. Prakash 1 year ago

    Wow! Superb! Absolutely possibilities are limitless.

  6. Tony Hernandez 1 year ago

    Fantastic video guys! Took me a while to figure out (zero coding experience)… and what do you know, I was stuck on the function! But it works, great for a demo.

  7. Shiva Prasad 1 year ago

    I am using Flows for various action in SharePoint and PowerApps but there i don’t see flows will trigger immediately sometimes so what happens if the Flow does not trigger immediately in above video situation

  8. NoSunBeach 1 year ago

    Anybody know about Licensing and pricing for Power Virtual Agent? We have an o365 E5 (Educational) licensing it's saying my Admins need to enable or allow it.

  9. Excellent video.

    Now I need your help.

    I have created a bot to integrate it with Facebook Messenger. But I want to get the Facebook username to create a Personalized greeting.

    For example:

    Hi Jon Levesque! I am your virtual assistant.

    Is it possible to do this?

  10. Amit Thakur 1 year ago

    This is really cool, But i want to know can we add the AI capability … they way we do it while building using Microsoft Bot Framework..

  11. Nicolas Keegan 1 year ago

    Is there some kind of wiki that describes in detail the functions of each flow action?

  12. Deborah Erb 10 months ago

    Add UI flow and this will be so cool!!

  13. Kevin McCann 10 months ago

    Great video as always Jon! One quick question, at the 16:58 mark Yash selected "Request Status Value", for some reason I don't have that option only "Request Status" and my sharepoint list doesn't have a value inserted into the Request Status Column, any idea why?

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