Hello Friends!

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Expression series by myself and Reza Dorrani!
This topic will be 301 level and guide you through some advanced expression work, by using real world examples!

As always, I am joined by Business Apps MVP Reza Dorrani who will be walking us through all of the material and teaching us how to get started with expressions!

00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – What to expect from 301 level content
02:00 – Introduction to JSON and how it works
12:35 – First Real World Example – Dynamic Approvals
30:25 – Second Real World Example Example – Splitting Email Body
38:56 – Third Real world Example – Parsing through items
44:50 – Conclusion
46:00 – Get Subscribed to Reza and myself!

outputs(‘JSON’)?[‘data’]?[0]?[‘address’] – Get first array object column value

length(body(‘Filter_JSON’)) – Get number of items in array

decodeUriComponent(‘%0A’) – New Line character

split(body(‘your text column’),outputs(‘NewLine’)) – split text by new line character – returns an array

startsWith(‘your text’,’Assigned By’) – check to see if your text value starts with “Assigned By”

int(‘your text value’) – convert text to integer

convertFromUtc(‘Your date time value’,’Pacific Standard Time’,’M/dd/yyyy h:mm tt’) – convert to your time zone and format date

if(equals(item()?[‘approverResponse’],’Approve’),’✔️ Approved’,’❌ Rejected’) – Check if approvers response is Approve or Reject. This function is running in a for loop. Loop iterates over Responses array from Approval action output

div(div(mul(sub(ticks(items(‘For_each_approval_response’)?[‘responseDate’]),ticks(items(‘For_each_approval_response’)?[‘requestDate’])),100),1000000000),60) – Duration in mins of approval action taken by the approver

Ticks function blog

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Approvals Cookbook Playlist

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Later friends!

– Jon

  1. Dan Robson 9 months ago

    Second Reza video I've watched today and the second time he's blown my mind with his ability to explain stuff, the explanation of JSON just opened my eyes. Awesome stuff.

  2. hs7ao 9 months ago

    Wow, fantastic video Reza and Jon, feel free to make many more episodes 😀 👍

  3. Amelia Willis 9 months ago

    The concept is very well explained. Nice video. I hope that contact info for your students is dummy data, though, in this day and age of people being doxxed. 🙁

  4. Jan du Plessis 9 months ago

    I’m learning so much from Raza. I’m confused though, how do you update the list item with an attachment and it retains the Rejected approver status.

  5. Arshad Sheikh 9 months ago

    Guys you are doing amazing job..helping people like us who are starting..please continue to make these awesome videos

  6. Babajide Bantale 9 months ago

    This great content Jon and Reza. Thanks for this

  7. Maximiliano Peszano 9 months ago

    I recommend this series (101, 201 and 301) as must watch to my co-workers, this videos are just great. Thanks!

  8. Reginald Pack 9 months ago

    That was fantastic!

  9. Sue Amin 9 months ago

    This is a true community service! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! The effort of clearing the fundamentals would save many hours of struggle and will help achieve greater heights in development. You are truly a foundation brick or a stepping stone for many! Thank you!

  10. Ómar Örn Magnússon 9 months ago

    Great stuff guys :), I think there is a typo in Reza Youtube channel URL should be https://www.youtube.com/user/rezadurrani28

  11. sok gat 9 months ago

    Guys you are great. Thank you !!!

  12. Hemant Singh 9 months ago

    This is gold…You rock Reza..simply the best

  13. I have to give Kudos to this video, best explanation in the world on this topic

  14. pradipta nayak 9 months ago

    Grt video…but you said there are 3 students with Yahoo emai but filter show only 1

  15. Sundra Pillay 9 months ago

    Thank you Reza and Jon excellent

  16. Joel Eastman 9 months ago

    Amazing, Reza! I've taught myself Flow through the community but found that sometimes I use expressions without quite understanding why they work. This video has helped fill in some of those gaps and I'm sure will help me create even better flows. Thanks to you and Jon!

  17. rhughes76 8 months ago

    Great video!! I learned a lot and am ready to implement many of Reza's techniques into my flows. One thing I'm stuck on is how to embed the emoji's into the flow. I've tried cutting and pasting as described in the video but its not working. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. UB4000 8 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant video, makes me wish there was a "standing ovation" button to hit, hitting the like button is not nearly enough appreciation for this video. This has got to be the best 46 minutes you can spend on Youtube.

  19. Aroh Shukla 7 months ago

    In my humble opinion, Reza you are brightest star in the Power Platform. Nobody explains the concepts that you do. I know, its cliched but its true. Watched all 3 expression videos and they are indeed gold mine which are full of excellent concepts. Hats off to you and Jon!! ♥

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