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Join me and Biz Apps MVP Yash Agarwal as he introduces you to the Docusign connector in Microsoft Power Automate!

00:00​ – Introduction
01:07 – Meet Yash
02:07 – Setting up the context
03:40 – Creating a template
08:19 – Wiring up SharePoint
11:40 – Building the First Flow
15:35 – Building the Second Flow
21:49 – Testing the flow
25:54 – Conclusion
27:25 – Subscribe

Want to check out more from Yash?
1 – Forms Attachments – https://youtu.be/Xxad-kSLQ9Y
2 – Adding Sentiment to PVA Bots – https://youtu.be/AFufHQD2HEA
Connect with Yash on Twitter – http://twitter.com/yashagarwal1651
Connect with Yash’s Blog – http://bythedevs.com
Connect with Yash on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/yash-agarwal

To get started with Power automate head to http://flow.microsoft.com

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Much Love from Me!
– Jon

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  1. Arshad Sheikh 6 months ago

    As always there is a use case for me appreciate it..thnx

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