Hey Friends!

Doctor Flow AKA Serge Luca, is back with more patterns and practices for us!

This video illustrates the Power Platform BPM Toolkit. This is actually a proof of concept of a framework that will be available for free on GitHub and in the Community!

To learn more about Serge visit his twitter: http://twitter.com/sergeluca or visit his website http://shareql.com

Try the BPM Toolkit – https://github.com/sergeluca/Power-Platform-BPM-Toolkit

to get started with Power Automate head to http://flow.microsoft.com or visit the community at http://aka.ms/PAComm

To follow me on Twitter head to http://twitter.com/JonJLevesque

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Much Love From Me!
– Jon

  1. Faraz Shaikh 9 months ago

    Great 👍🏻 content…

  2. Emil Khamitov 9 months ago

    Great concept. Can't wait when this tool is out 🙂

  3. Khalid Saleh 9 months ago

    Hi, you are a mazing . Thanks

  4. Egle Ambraziuniene 9 months ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Matthew Zelt 9 months ago

    Holy S#@t.

  6. David Simoneta 9 months ago

    Great concept!
    It really matches the needs of a process-driven company like mine.
    I'm looking forward to get it ad use it.

  7. Anthony Pounder 9 months ago

    This looks great – looking forward to getting a go of it

  8. Saulo Oliveira 9 months ago

    Thanks Jon to invite Doctor Flow 😁. I'm very excited to implement this concept. Thank you so mucho Serge.

  9. Joe Slitzker 9 months ago

    When is this anticipated to release to github?? Very excited to check it out!

  10. Kaare Moss 9 months ago

    Been burned before on Sharepoint lists, what are your most common considerations when choosing between lists or CDS?

  11. Marsurice DeVan 9 months ago

    Interesting. I currently have something like this implemented in my organization. I originally got the idea from Dawid or DavesTechTips BPM Videos. I wanted to get away from the custom connector and created two list to move my items using flow. It’s not as granular as this and I’m looking forward to adding some of the nuggets I picked up today. We have a lot of business processes that require more options than just approve and reject.

  12. Jayboy Bags 9 months ago

    trying to search for Doctor Flow in Github, Can someone point me his github? Thanks.

  13. Jaco Joubert 9 months ago

    Great video and great content. This was highly informative and gave me some new ideas and alternative solutions thank you. Any idea when and we can expect to see this on Github?

  14. Thomas Yung 8 months ago

    really awesome !!

  15. Peter Watts 8 months ago

    Whaaattt! BPO & BAM Open Source and in the Azure Ecosystem. Awesome! Need any help Serge?

  16. Great Jon. Has the generic solution been made available freely yet?

  17. Steph Franco 7 months ago

    How will we know when Doctor Flow's guide to BPM will be available? I checked out the links but there is no place to subscribe to an email or something like that. I am trying to implement this into our organization since Microsoft is getting rid of SharePoint 2010 Workflows and we rely on it. Serge's option is better than any tutorial available so I am interested in learning how to do it. Thanks!

  18. Sue Amin 7 months ago

    Wow! Impressive!

  19. Duncan Cunningham 7 months ago

    Jon seems more interested in his phone than what Serge was showing.

  20. Umar Salama 4 months ago

    Hi did doctor serge put it on github can you check please

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