In this video on Power Automate Microsoft Forms Connector tutorial with Attachments, you will learn about how to build a flow to connect to Microsoft Forms and Get Microsoft Forms Data including Attachments. We will leverage the Power Automate Microsoft Forms Connector in flow. We will use flow to get forms data for all column types – choice, multiple choice, numbers, multiple attachments etc. and move them to a SharePoint list.

0:00 – Channel Intro
0:12 – Introduction to Microsoft Forms
2:08 – Build flow to trigger when new Form is submitted
11:34 – Move Multi choice answers in Forms to SharePoint multi select choice column
15:41 – Move single choice answer in Forms to Sharepoint chouce column
16:57 – Move file attachments from Forms to SharePoint list

Expressions Used in Video:
To get JSON value for string data types –
json(Dynamic content column)

To set multiple choice column value (Select action) –
“Value”: “@{item()}”

To convert string to number –
float(Dynamic content column)

To get id of file uploaded –

To get name of file uploaded –

To learn more about expressions-

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  1. Ramesh Mukka 8 months ago

    Woww Reza! Handling multiple choice columns and attachments using expressions you made it look simple. One of the best videos of yours. Thanks a lot.

  2. Mark A. Treviño 8 months ago

    Not finding the Record Form Responses in Sharepoint in my installation, so trying to create from scratch. Can you give a bit more info about connections and how to create this template. I have a use for this but am stuck at this first step. Thanks In Advance.

  3. Luise Freese 8 months ago

    Great video, thanks for making this easy! Concise, well structured and engaging! Love it!

  4. Tommy Ng 7 months ago

    Really good one.. I watched so many video and yours did help on the attachment. If possible, see if you can just slow down a bit. I need to pause in order to capture what you typed 😛

  5. Tommy Ng 7 months ago

    Quick question… for using Form to capture information, is it possible to get the Form Submitter's name to Sharepoint? I used the Sharepoint default field of "Credited by" but it only capture the Form owner name (which is always my name) instead of the one who submitted the form response. Thanks a million Reza!

  6. Karu Karthi 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I need to understand little bit more here.. Why do we really need Microsoft forms here. Our goal is to saving the responses in sharepoint. In this case we can create canvas app and leverage all the options. Please share your inputs. I may be wrong.

  7. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar 6 months ago

    Excellent video. Can you please explain how negative marks feature can be brought in forms

  8. mostafa4321 6 months ago

    Reza great Video One suggestion Try to slow down to help us to absorb some of the awesome techniques you are sharing

  9. abhishek jain 6 months ago

    Can I create editable Form from the data I have in database? For example Questions and options (multi choice) are stored in database and Form will display questions and options based on the level user are at where Level 1 is simple and Level 10 is Difficult?

  10. Anthony Saiz 6 months ago

    Thank you very much Reza i had a problèm with an error with the upload file from form to SharePoint. Four days during i was looking for a solution and you show thé answer i would like to thank you

  11. Very impressive. However I can't believe in Microsoft's ability to complicate things and that's why most people can't get rid of multiple Excel sheets for project management. Microsoft should be ashamed of how seemlessly Smartsheet can do all this without requiring any coding.

  12. Power GI 6 months ago

    This is absolutely amazing! thank you Reza for all the incredible content you create, I hope my YouTube channel can someday be at least half great as yours!

  13. Mrclutch- InChicago 5 months ago

    great video. I did the initial setup with compose to see what my responses look like, but my form doesn't run. I also tried with the test button etc.. Help

  14. La Merita Neta 5 months ago

    Hello Reza, this video is gold, thank you for taking the time to show us.

  15. Yu-Tai Chung 5 months ago

    Great video! @Ramesh Mukka
    How can you build off this to send attachments(s) using the Start and Wait Approval?

  16. Cynthia Zinck 4 months ago

    @rezadorrani can you point me in the direction of video to assist with following error: Action 'Parse_JSON_-_Extract_attachments_from_form' failed. In this scenario, my flow runs as long as a file is uploaded.. I cannot find the condition or trigger I need to used to say if there is no file uploaded, just do not look for one.

  17. Dimitri Riesen 4 months ago

    You are amazing thx for sharing !!!

  18. Fabian Seeger 4 months ago

    Thank you so much Is it possible to grab the uploaded file the people submitted via forms (which land on my personal sharepoint folder) and attach them as an automatic email i send via ms flow? as you say i get the answer in an string but i want to directly have the uploaded file as a attachment. Thank you and i would appreciate your help!

  19. Elizabeth Pangborn 4 months ago

    YES THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've watched a lot of other videos trying to get my Choice columns and attachments working but didn't get it right until this one.

  20. Rajesh Merugu 4 months ago

    Hi Reza
    Thanks for the video, It was very helpful and easy to follow!
    I have one question, How we can update the existing sharepoint List item using Form data if I have a common reference?

  21. Leander Bartz 4 months ago

    Great tutorial !!

  22. Kunal Kishore 4 months ago

    Nice content , much appreciated. I am trying to get the attachment(docx) content directly into pdf. any way to do that?

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