In this introductory video I explain all of the different types of flows you can create in Power Automate and where you might use them. I’ll go over each of these types of flows :
✅ Business Process Flows
✅ Desktop Flows
✅ Automated Flows
✅ Instant Flows
✅ Scheduled Flows

Plus I’ll show a demo of Power Automate Buttons, For Selected Item in SharePoint and For Selected Message in Teams.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:36 – What are the types of flows?
01:13 – Business Process Flows
03:00 – Desktop Flows
05:02 – Automated Flows
06:19 – Instant Flows
06:46 – Flow Button Demo
07:36 – For Selected Item in SharePoint Flow
08:36 – For Selected Message in Teams Flow
09:37 – Scheduled Flows
10:51 – Finding Your Flows
12:20 – Outro

  1. Fernando Calero 2 months ago

    Great Flow introduction April, thanks! Btw, nice mic! P. S. First to like, first to comment.

  2. Sundra Pillay 2 months ago

    Thanks April excellent flow introduction

  3. Mark Kotze 2 months ago

    Love the different intro videos. Helpful for all us ‘beginners’. Suggestion: Similar videos on Dynamics 365 will be appreciated. Our company is busy with roll out and would like to learn more.

  4. ankesh sinha 2 months ago

    Thank you, April. Its really helpful.
    Request: Could you please create/share a video on debugging of flows.
    Awesome, If it is already part of upcoming Power automate videos.

  5. Hamza Rashid 2 months ago

    Great video April! Question – I just discovered Azure Logic Apps and it looks very similar to Power Automate flows. What is the difference and when would I use one over the other?

  6. Snow Way 2 months ago

    Hi April, Is it possible to send multiple list items to approve using flow?

  7. Adi Cristea 2 months ago

    Thanks, April. Pretty sure there's a typo at the end, scheduled flows can be set to run every month too (probably the last Days was supposed to be Months) :). Defo a typo (ha, it rhymes also).

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