In this step-by-step tutorial on Power Automate Desktop, we will learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate Desktop to perform robotic process automation and automate repetitive tasks.

The tutorial covers what Power Automate is, when to use Power Automate desktop flows Vs cloud flows, difference between attended and unattended modes, connectors (cloud flows) vs desktop flows, licensing of free version for Windows 10 users vs the paid license & a walkthrough of installing and how to build your first Power Automate desktop flow.


00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – End to End Automation with Microsoft Power Automate
01:49 – What is Power Automate Desktop?
02:52 – Connectors (cloud flows) vs desktop flows
04:19 – Desktop flows attended vs unattended
05:29 – Power Automate Desktop license – Windows 10 free vs paid license
06:47 – Install and configure Power Automate Desktop for free
08:00 – Build your first desktop flow with Power Automate Desktop
08:53 – Power Automate Desktop web recorder / web automation
15:00 – Create input variable for desktop flow
16:48 – Trigger a desktop flow from a cloud flow
18:16 – Install a data gateway to call a desktop flow from cloud flow
20:15 – Subscribe

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  1. Arshad Sheikh 2 months ago


  2. Kumaran Sakthi 2 months ago

    Much awaited one

  3. Sadab Shaikh 2 months ago

    Finally was waiting for this series… let’s go !!!

  4. Dave Miller 2 months ago

    Hey Reza. Glad to see you're still going strong with the tutorials.

  5. Anup Bhavsar 2 months ago

    ​Hey, that means we dont have to install selenium extension on browser and we can use this desktop version?

  6. George Varghese 2 months ago

    something I have been waiting for. So useful, Thanks so much. So much confusion about the licensing cleared. I see the $40 plan, is there one yr commitment or it can be cancelled after 2 months. although I have an office 355 developer account which Microsoft has been extending

  7. Sundra Pillay 2 months ago

    Thanks Reza

  8. Tim Ford 2 months ago

    Yes, Super Stoked you’re creating PAD series.

  9. Javier zorro morales 2 months ago

    Hi, Reza, this tool has incredible potential, thanks

  10. Vaibhav Tandon 2 months ago

    Great video as usual, could you please make video doing a right click to download data? I have struggled with reports that requires right click to download report using PAD. Thanks!

  11. Vignesh Kumar 2 months ago

    It is awesome, waiting to learn more on this.

    I have a doubt, as we have desktop flows now. Do we have the UI flows which we had previously with the selenium option?

  12. Mojo Jojo 2 months ago

    Yes! Yes! If Reza is doing Power Automate Desktop tutorials then it is time to stop procrastinating and start looking into Power Automate desktop 😃

  13. RAJnesh THAKUR 2 months ago

    Waiting for this video only

  14. Arshad Sheikh 2 months ago

    As always Reza thanks for sharing..and yes i will use it..there is always a use case

  15. Richard Lazaro 2 months ago

    Hey Reza, Good day to you, This is Richard, i am continuously watching your session, just need you expertise for some project that we need to provide with Event Viewer. Step1 Type in the Event Viewer on the search tab, press enter Step 2: Double click Windows logs and click Application. Step 3 is the critical part that i cannot figure out. Client wants me to only get the "Error" without using the Filter logs. they want me to get the data for all Error for "Date and time", "Source" , "Event ID" and the message in "General" automatically save it to Excel file. what function in UI path do i need to use? filtering the log for error will have more or less 2899 datas that need to be extracted. Appreciate your help.

  16. Ryan Bond 2 months ago

    Another great vid, thanks Reza

  17. Umesh Gaur 2 months ago

    Thank you Reza and awaiting more videos on Flow desktop 👍

  18. Danilo 2 months ago

    Great video, Reza! Did you encounter limitations in the integration between the two environments, PAD and Cloud? This integration will be the path of many projects.

  19. Omnius Trading Signals 2 months ago

    Thank You for making this very informative and succinct video, it was just what I needed to understand and signup for PAD. liked and subscribed!

  20. Janardhan Narode 2 months ago

    Can you please share more videos on web scraping

  21. Avinoam Rothenberg 2 months ago

    Great Introduction (which is quite in depth and not so introductory) 😁
    BTW is there a way to UPLOAD a file to a web form? I have an Excel sheet I need to every once i a while import to a specific table in DataVerse (aka CDS) and I'd like to automate the process via PAD, but can't find the proper action to do that ?!

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