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In this Module, we will learn
How to Set Active Excel Worksheet in Excel Automation Action

Module 1 : Introduction To Microsoft Power Automate https://youtu.be/KLVh2s4w0h0
Module 2 : Sign up and sign in for Power Automate https://youtu.be/sgdW3REwH9o
Module 3 : Create a FLOW in Power Automate by using Templates https://youtu.be/1IjjbeQe5gM
Module 4 : Build a first FLOW in Power Automate https://youtu.be/pPY3UK9XhAA
Module 5 : Build a flow to connect Microsoft SQL Server https://youtu.be/kMzJKcxbRrc
Module 6 : How To create and Use of Team Flows https://youtu.be/bJOJe881vq8
Module 7 : Introduction to UI Flows Using Power Automate https://youtu.be/5FJVRxCGU1Q
Module 8 : Working with Connectors https://youtu.be/9NIHq5uCCME
Module 9 : How to Create An Approval Workflow (30 min- Detail) https://youtu.be/KnNLD6NRdKM
Module 10 : Run a flow on schedule || Recurring Flows https://youtu.be/vCXb6Tu_JqY
Module 11 : Create a Manual Flow or Instant Flow https://youtu.be/M3x1AjoaEtw
Module 12 : How to Export and Import Flows https://youtu.be/lOkuAEg1aNs
Module 13 : Team Flows https://youtu.be/Rjoa4qTr1Hg
Module 14 : Submit a flow as Template https://youtu.be/uGdpUo5HV3A
Module 15 : Create a Flow On Mobile || Power Automate MobileApp https://youtu.be/TpWwglXfHWM
Module 16 : Overview of Connectors https://youtu.be/wV5jV5WCCkU
Module 17 : Triggers & Actions of Connectors https://youtu.be/ymJwagc0bCw
Module 18 : UI Flows – Win Automation and Selenium IDE https://youtu.be/g117hki0Ctg

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  1. Rustem Shayakhmetov 3 months ago

    Hi, many thx for these tutorials. I have a question regarding save of flows. for instance – i have prepared a project in MS PA at home, and want to save it like a file and send it to my colleage for review or transffer to office pc. is it possible?

  2. Melwyn Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Nice tutorial! Thank u!

  3. Antoine Defaix 2 months ago

    Great ! It's just the information I needed !

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