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Have you heard the news? Power Automate Desktop is now FREE for Windows 10 users! 😀

In this introductory video I will walk you through what Power Automate is, discuss the differences in desktop vs cloud flows, talk about the costs associated, use cases and of course we will walk through how to install and build your first desktop flow!

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – What is Power Automate Desktop?
03:15 – Power Automate Desktop Cost
04:53 – Attended vs Unattended Flows
05:35 – Use Cases
07:20 – Free Installation
09:44 – Create a Desktop Flow
18:03 – Outro

*Music written and performed by Albert Mongillo: https://albertmongillo.com/

  1. david11181118 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing this, April!. Greetings from Argentina!.

  2. Nicole Fallen 4 weeks ago

    Great video! Thanks again for everything you do. I get so much use out of your tutorials. For this one, I guess a big part of the work will be analysing where there are repetitive tasks to automate. At least there are lots of things for regular flow. Do you have recommendations for Power BI vids? I’m having a Dickens of a time understanding what it is.

  3. Sundra Pillay 4 weeks ago

    Thanks April

  4. New MBZ 4 weeks ago

    Excellent video, great job introducing the program, showing us how to install it and how to start using it. I’ll go ahead and install it today and will try to creat a similar flow. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work you are doing!

  5. RPA Champion 4 weeks ago

    Do you think its still too soon for Power automate desktop to challenge UiPath?

  6. Issie wizzie 4 weeks ago

    Great Insight

  7. Hamza Rashid 4 weeks ago

    WOW! April thanks so much for sharing a real world example. 5 years ago I was wishing a "Macro Recorder" existed for my desktop to save me countless tedious hours of work. Now it's here!! I hope you make a full series on this (given this topic keeps trending LOL.

  8. RAJnesh THAKUR 4 weeks ago

    Grt, informative video

  9. Vinnie Savoy 4 weeks ago

    Is it still for “windows business”? For some reason my work got me a home edition….

  10. Gerald Dahl 4 weeks ago

    Thanks! Would you happen to know if the recording steps get confused or get blocked by Google when it senses that a robotic process is trying to log in to an account? I want to create a scenario where 'when a Dataverse contact is created then create a Google contact'. I know you can get Flow to do this, but, the existing connectors for Google contacts don't allow you to edit the contact. So, I want to record steps to look up the contact in google contacts, delete it and then recreate it. Oh how I would love a connector that has the ability to delete or edit Google contacts. Thanks for your great video and for any advice you can share around my initial authentification question and any other simpler way you might suggest for me to make progress with Google contacts.

  11. Douglas Doe 4 weeks ago

    This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sudip Misra 4 weeks ago

    Great video….think that will it paste next week at row# 154 or will go to end of the file…curious to know

  13. Joe Burby 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for breaking this down. 😁

  14. George Varghese 4 weeks ago

    I work in healthcare field and there are so many things, we can automate – you mentioned that it is for individual or personal use but what if we have to use in Corporate, can we use it or upgrade to per user premium license $40/month – which should also help cloud work flow. i did some reading and in order for the cloud work flows, we need to instal on premise gateway. In the next session can you show us an e.g using cloud work flows to connecting to power automate desktop through premise gateway and running un attended robotic power automate task

  15. Mohamed Younis 4 weeks ago

    That is awesome, thanks for breaking it down

  16. Ty Omidi 4 weeks ago

    Looks like it has great potential but it not an intuitive as the UI is nice. Also, the web-recorder feel really buggy, requiring tons of workflow editing for really simple point and click.

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