1. D M 2 years ago

    Start an approval doesn't exist anymore…how would I do this now?

  2. Jaap Steenis 2 years ago

    What happens when I use the option First to Approve, when I have a group of users in the same department covering each other? In classic Sharepoint this was covered but what about Flow, suppose a second approver will try to approve after the first one was already done for that same initial request? Also the 3 different Approval options are confusing. Can you eloborate on this, 🙏 thanks

  3. Joseph Man 2 years ago

    Hi Jon, great demo. I have a question, did you add some plugin to do approvals from outlook client?
    I ask this because I did the same as you, but when the approval arrives in my mail is redirected to the Microsoft flow page instead of making the approval in the outlook client. Thanks.

  4. waleed herzallah 2 years ago

    Hi Jon, I have a question please. If I use "IF YES" as a final stage to send an email in Microsoft flow to till the requester that the leave request is approved, instead, the message in the email is coming your request is Rejected instead of Approved?!! Can you help please.

  5. Riah Anne Casimina 2 years ago

    Hi, do you also have tutorial on how to ' follow up for emails (outlook) with no response using flow? thank you!

  6. Alyssa Siegel 2 years ago

    I have something like this set up for my staff for approval of time off requests. Instead of a sharepoint list, my flow trigger is submission of an MS form. I have set the flow up as a team flow with a few owners. The problem I'm having is that no matter who submitted the form, Flow will send the approval request saying "Alyssa Siegel has Requested Approval" when really that is the person who submitted the form. Even though I mention who submitted the form further down in the approval body, it confuses lots of people. Is there a way to change this? Thank you

  7. Katy Merriss 2 years ago

    For the Condition action I do not have the option to select "Response." Does anyone know why this is not coming up?

  8. TSP GAMER 2 years ago

    sir, After selecting action "Approval", we do not have option "anyone from customer list" , also in CONDITION , we do not see "Responce", why options are different

  9. Joywin D'souza 1 year ago

    Hi, My Flow approval email approve/reject button redirects to flow application. I cannot approve from email directly. Kindly help

  10. Martin Green 1 year ago

    Hi Jon, learning loads from your videos. Is there a way to capture the comments on an approval flow? The scenario is where something has been rejected and requires further action. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! Martin

  11. ScottPatrick78 1 year ago

    Is there a way to make 3 sequential groups of approvals but concurrent approvals with in each group?

  12. Marco Anacleto 1 year ago

    Hi Jon, first of all thanks for this useful video. I´d like to ask you help because i have used the "Send email" option inside MS Flow, and in the body of the email i use an amount that comes from a list that i created in the sharepoint. The issue in this way is that the amount comes without the correct format (currency). Please, how to format this amount into a currency format??? Thanks again!.

  13. Louis Martini 1 year ago

    Unfortunately the key "Start an Approval" flow action HAS BEEN DEPRECATED by Microsoft. The content of this video is no longer viable. I do love the style of this video because it lets me get to what I need quickly

  14. Ashanta Palei 1 year ago

    Hi Jon, It is really tec video. I enjoyed a lot.
    I have question here.
    I have done the workflow from user end to Manager approval, Everything is working fine. Just wanted to check with you. How can i assign the approved task to someone in different department & can monitor the status of the task. Can you please help me on this. Would appreciate your quick response. Thank you in advance.

  15. Manoj Yadav 1 year ago

    Video is good but speed makes it very difficult for Beginners

  16. If the third approver rejects it is there a way to make it go to the previous approver without starting from beginning? That is the only challenge I have

  17. Tony D 1 year ago

    Can you please update this for current flow operations. There is no longer an option for Start an Approval, all there is Create an Approval, and those attributes do not have Response and the other Create Approval and Wait for a response and the only attribute there is Responses and the condition is not properly evaluating the value even though I send an email afterward with the response details and it clearly shows that Reject was selected. Very frustrating, thanks for your help

  18. Naseer Ahmed 1 year ago

    Hi Jon, I love the way you make tutorials. From work flow we receive approval email from maccount@microsoft.com but I want to change it and use organization email. Like approval comes from organization's email instead of maccount@microsoft.com. I tried and searched I lot but couldn't find any way. Can help me to achieve this. Thanks

  19. Ali Hasan 1 year ago

    Great explanation , but I have a challenge for you what if you need to have with the same approved process a pen input for signature i.e. once the new item created on the list a word document generated and then routed for approval and each approver needs to approve and sign ( the signature will appear on the document), on last approval and signature the word document to be converted to PDF 🙂

  20. Jon Crosby 1 year ago

    I have that exact same desk and chair! : )

  21. Mohamed KAMANO 1 year ago

    Wonderfull but so fast for me

  22. Prem Sagar 1 year ago

    Anyone did UI automation for o365

  23. Saurabh Dave 1 year ago

    It is so complex, oh god, i thought of creating full and final settlement checklist of my employees by work flow, can you help me here..

  24. Justin Leo 1 year ago

    Hello sir, how to that on Sharepoint Designer 2013? It will be a big thank if you can help me. Thanks

  25. Tuấn Nguyễn 1 year ago

    Dear Mr.Job Levesque,
    How to make attachement mandatory in SharePoint List when Users create new item. Can you give your email so that I can present detaily my opinion? Thank and have a nice weekend for you.

  26. Mike Hughes 1 year ago

    Good stuff. Now how do you make this all reusable and read from configurations?

  27. Tuấn Nguyễn 1 year ago

    ​Dear Mr.Jon Levesque,

    Do you have video about [From (Send as)] in Microsoft Flow? Because I'm owner who create system approval in SharePoint List&Flow, so my profile always appear in all approval items send to receivers. Receiver will see two profiles : one of applicant (who create new item in SharePoint List) and one of IT's profile (who create System Approval -> [ I hope I can hide my information] in all approval items.

    Please support me if you have instruction about this issue.

  28. judy ann gawat 11 months ago

    hi everytime i log in in my power automate it says it seems there was a problem please try again

  29. Alice Therrien 11 months ago

    I understand the work around that flow, but where do we keep track of the approvals?

  30. Fish Lim 11 months ago

    After the approval flow is completed, the item in Sharepoint is still editable. How do we prevent this? I.e. The item once approved cannot be edited.

  31. Aysan Haghani 11 months ago

    Hi Jon, Thanks for informative tutorials, I have a question in regards to having a multiple approver process, Is there a way to check if the "waiting for approval" trigger is on pending and who is the person( approver)which hasn`t approved or reject( pending on) ?

  32. Lucy in the Sky 9 months ago

    Is that PC principal?

  33. Hector Chazari 8 months ago

    Is it possible to use this using Microsoft Teams?

  34. 90hayyan 6 months ago

    Hey Jon! Great content on Power Automate! I have been trying to explore the following and was wondering if you can point me in the right direction:-

    a. Record maintenance (as a printable document) of an approval form after it has been successfully approved (even multi-layer approval). I mean, what if I need to include that digital approval as an evidentiary document in a case.

    b. I have come across Adobe Sign as the most preferred way for digital signatures when we are using Teams or Power Automate. Any other/easier suggestions?

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