In this beginners video tutorial on Power Apps working with SharePoint List Relationships we will learn how to connect PowerApps to multiple SharePoint lists which are related. We will showcase the related SharePoint Lists in Power Apps galleries and forms and relate the lists together using the internal identity (ID) column of SharePoint Lists. The SharePoint lists will be related to each other in a one-to-many relationship. We will create/update tasks in the related list for reach item created in the main list.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:26 – SharePoint List Relationships Setup & Planning
02:43 – Create Forms for multiple SharePoint Lists (related lists)
10:22 – Show SharePoint List Item related tasks in a Gallery
14:26 – Create an item in the main SharePoint list & add related items
17:46 – Show related tasks for a selected SharePoint list item
19:14 – Create/Update a related item for a selected list item in SharePoint
22:20 – Subscribe

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  1. George Wah Taplah 4 weeks ago

    Great work Reza. This is excellent. I have been struggling with this concept of repeating table. What if i need to maintain the main form with data and a subform, in a tabular view, where new rows are created for each new entry in the subform (in that case a table) and make one commit to store all records both for the main form and subform without the user moving back and forth.

  2. Warwick 4 weeks ago

    The fun never ends! I'm amazed everyday with the capabilities of powerapps

  3. Ravi Gandhi 4 weeks ago

    Excellent video…
    I need some help with implementing Accordion collapsible , I tried using Nested galleries but I am facing performance issue as you said, I have a case like there are questions and Sub questions to be displayed, when clicked on question, it's related sub questions to be displayed, just below question.

    I will be grateful if you can help me out..
    Thanks In advance 😄

  4. Sundra Pillay 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Reza excellent video

  5. alzaimoor79 4 weeks ago

    Useful video as always, I wished the video included an explanation of adding row number in gallery. Thanks for sharing, keep it up

  6. zerocool 4 weeks ago

    Reza, Another great video. Thank you!

  7. Nagarjuna Magati 4 weeks ago

    Good for Beginners but I expected showing the data from multiple lists into a SINGLE GALLEY (SQL like JOIN Filtering).

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