This is a step-by -step Power Apps tutorial for beginners, taking you through the whole process of creating your first app. No background in coding or app making is required to get started with this low-code app building. This tutorial makes the technology simple and clear to understand. It is full of tips and advice throughout that you’ll need to know to start making great apps.

You will learn how to create your first app in under 5 minutes, with just 3 clicks (connected to your own data source such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dataverse or Dynamics 365).

From there you will learn all the core components and concepts involved in building a canvas app – navigating the canvas, adding screens, labels, buttons, inputs, galleries, forms, media and more.

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Other resources:
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00:00 – Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners
00:35 – How to log in or Sign Up
01:17 – Build your first app in 3 clicks, in under 5 minutes
02:55 – Core concepts – the canvas, components, controls, properties and formulas
09:52 – Power Apps controls – buttons, labels, inputs, galleries, forms, media, icons.
13:36 – Preview your app and return to editing
16:00 – Create an app from blank
18:12 – Save your app
18:40 – Add a gallery, select and connect your data source
21:03 – Construct formulas using inbuilt help, and create a sort formula
22:36 – Rename your components and controls
24:06 – Create a new screen from blank and reorder screens
24:32 – Add media and work with the image control
25:50 – Add a button and a navigate formula
26:53 – App Checker inbuilt help for errors and accessibility
28:08 – Buttons – disabled, hover and pressed colors
29:33 – Working with forms
31:08 – Connect a form to a selected item in a gallery
34:10 – Get subscribed

  1. Roberto Navarro 2 months ago

    Thank you for creating this great tutorial.

  2. Can we connect to our teams and use the data or chat ??

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