Power Apps environments are containers that administrators can use to manage apps, flows, connections, and other assets, as well as user permissions to use Power Platform resources.

This video covers the core concepts of environments, different types of environments (including the default environment and why you can’t delete it, how to create a new environment, and how environments work in Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents as well as Power Apps.

00:00 What are environments
01:36 Default environment
03:19 Rename an environment
05:10 Assets and solutions in environments
07:34 Create a new environment
07:53 Types of environments
09:27 Environments in Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents
10:39 Capacity
11:22 Get subscribed

  1. Darren Lutchner 7 months ago

    Another great video Lisa. I just finished a Student Database development where I built a Solution in a Development Environment. the Development included a Model Driven App, an embedded Canvas app and a Power Automate Flow (from the Canvas App).
    Once developed I exported the solution to a Sandbox Envornment on the customers Tenanant. Once they gave the Ok migrated to the customer Production Environment.

    In theory all should work however everytime I imported the solution I had to rebuild the connectors and in some cases rebuild parts of the flow. Very frustrating but learnt alot.

    I would love it if you could do a video showing how you would build and migrate solutions across tenants.

  2. Michael Malick 7 months ago

    Very informative! Just getting started. Didn't realize the default env had so few controls/restrictions on it such that all users are makers for example. Regarding sandboxes, the MS docs state: "A sandbox environment is any non-production environment of Microsoft Dataverse. Isolated from production, a sandbox environment is the place to safely develop and test application changes with low risk". So does that mean all your Thrive HR – Dev/Test/UAT environments are sandbox envs?

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