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In this video I’ll walk you through all of the steps needed to create a repeating, inline editable table within Power Apps similar to what you would see in SharePoint’s Quick Edit Mode, Excel and InfoPath repeating tables.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:
✅ How to style the elements to look like an editable grid
✅ How to detect changes in the gallery
✅ How to add a new row/record to the grid
✅ How to delete a row/record
✅ How to disable and enable the inline editing

Here’s a link to download the sample app: https://github.com/aprildunnam/PowerApps/blob/d69dda6ff1faa8c2e50047331ffcdc03930f2adb/RepeatingEditableTableDemo_20200903024306.zip

Check out Matthew Devany’s blog post where he shows another way to patch multiple records at a time: https://matthewdevaney.com/patch-multiple-records-in-power-apps-10x-faster/

Matthew also has a detailed blog post on how to implement an editable grid: https://matthewdevaney.com/power-apps-excel-style-editable-table-part-1/

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Intro
01:44 – Styling the Table
08:31 – Checking for Changed Items
14:02 – Patching the Table Changes
15:42 – Add New Item to the Table
17:04 – Deleting an Item from the Table
18:01 – Disable/Enable Inline Editing

  1. AngryBatVoice 7 months ago

    Great job, April. Making it look easy as usual!

  2. Andy Ngo 7 months ago

    Great stuff April! I have clients who greatly benefit from features like this. Keep up the good work!

  3. pradipta nayak 7 months ago

    Nice one..but when I click Add (Plus) and do nothing click Save. Why a blank value save to SharePoint ?

  4. Richard Frith 7 months ago

    Really great video April, many thanks! Just wondering is there a way to make the height of the table rows expandable, say if one of the text input fields had multiple lines of text, and also make the text input field expand in height?
    I've seen a couple of tricks for expanding the height of a text field based on the height of a hidden label field which auto-expands, but it would need the height of the gallery row to expand as well, and I can't see a way to do that?

  5. Olga Melo 7 months ago

    Hi April, Thank you very much for this video, it is very complete and easy to follow. I'm sending yiu a virtual hug. Thank you, thank you

  6. Márcio Kataoka 7 months ago

    That was awesome, April! Much easier than I thought at the first!

    It will be very helpful!

  7. Steven Pride 7 months ago

    To add on to your edit mode, I've done something similar, but made it more of a toggle. Set(editMode, !editMode) and Button.Text = If(editMode, "Read Mode", "Edit Mode")

  8. Shih-Chi Wang 6 months ago

    This is great!! I added edit icon and save icon and delete icon in my gallery (each row has these three icons) then user can edit by rows because they like to view items like in excel mode not a form. Your method is much better. Thanks for this sharing.

  9. Morten Kristensen 6 months ago

    Excellent Demo!

  10. Samvith Bhat 6 months ago

    U are awesome 😉

  11. Sarah Laubie 6 months ago

    Fantastic video and soooo muuuuuch knowledge in a few minutes!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  12. Teresa Agustin 6 months ago

    Great video April! I really like the way you optimized for performance with the toggle, leveraged Boolean values to minimize the number of If statements and how you referenced other controls. Nice, clean code. Please keep your terrific videos coming 🙂

  13. Thachakrit Sonthi 6 months ago

    Thank you so much April. This help me a lot but the toggle not work with my lookup column. I use DefaultSelectedItems property on the combobox to retrieve the value from SP list. Do you have any suggestions ?

  14. Yudhistira A. H. 6 months ago

    great video

  15. litf2009 6 months ago

    Awesome. Helped a lot!
    Question. If I'd like to copy one selected row of data and save as new entry in SPO. How can that be done? I tried and failed miserably 😂

  16. David Higdon 6 months ago

    I do have a question. I have a date field that I cannot compare to a text input field. Is there a way to do a comparison for a date?

  17. silverwhite11 6 months ago

    Hi April, after attached picture thru powerapp and data source is sharepoint, I can't view the picture attachment. unless I go each list and view under edit. how to have this attachment just beside say last column on the sharepoint list? thank you for this great tutorial

  18. Chris Turek 6 months ago

    Concise and clear. Perfect!

  19. ROCIO BUSTOS 5 months ago

    Has it someone happened that toggle button as conditional function don't work as this video shows? I appreciate your suggestions to solve it.

  20. Yadagiri Jangam 5 months ago

    Hi April, Thanks for this video. Can we add Attach a file to the gallery (Repeating Table)? Like attaching a file to each row. Thank you!

  21. Steven vd Bles 5 months ago

    Great Videos April. You are really helpfull in my PowerApps study progress. Thanks a lot and Greetz from The Netherlands.

  22. Buenas tengo un problema al momento de mostrar en una table o grafico informacion con fechas… por ejemplo tengo la data de temperatura diaria de 01/01 al 31/01 en mi excel ! pero cuando lo muestro en mi table . se adelanta un dia. mostrando desde el 02/01 al 01/02 . me podrian porfavor indicar a que se debe

    Hi, I have a problem when displaying information with dates in a table or graph … for example, I have the daily temperature data from 01/01 to 01/31 in my excel! but when i show it on my table. is one day early. showing from 02/01 to 01/02. Could you please tell me why

  23. Wendy Mason 5 months ago

    Thanks so much April, this is going to be super useful

  24. Steven vd Bles 5 months ago

    Hi April. I've a question.
    You insert a Toggle to check if there are changes in the row thisItem . That works for text fields as you showed in your video. But my row has also a Datepickers field, a Choices column and a view yes/no toggles. What are the functions to see if there are changes?

  25. Sandeep Vemula 5 months ago

    Hi April, could do a video with display data from API to power apps and do bulk edit and update those bulk changes through web api?

  26. Lauren Meier 5 months ago

    This is fantastic! Now how can I only show blank rows when they hit the + and not any existing data in the table. I'm trying to create an app the allows the user to add several rows of data for certain columns, but submit the form and have "Basic Information" used for each row input?

  27. Akshay Manke 5 months ago

    Hello April,
    Many thanks for sharing the technique. I have a request for you. We can enable version history of sharepoint list where we can see all the changes made by all users with date and time stamp. It would be great if you can demonstrate any functionality where we can show the version history of all items in the powerapps itself.
    Thanks Again,

  28. Terry Smith 5 months ago

    Hi, thank you for this great video! I am only having an issue with the patch for the record. It changes all text boxes in the column to the next value when I try to change. Any ideas? Thank you!!!

  29. Marcos Simon 5 months ago

    Thanks!, Your video was very useful.

  30. Go Ride Pedal 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this video, After look this video many doubt of different approach to UX/UI got cleared

  31. Barna Kovács 5 months ago

    Hi April,
    I want to save the gallery records in to the CDS table but I get an error with the patch function. What could be the reason?

  32. Aaron Hayden 5 months ago


  33. Maroun Sader 4 months ago

    hi april, can we use ThisRecord in the delete function also, or this record is only used in patch?

  34. shilpa ambala 4 months ago

    Thanks for this, How to compare the lookup values?

  35. sravani balla 4 months ago

    If any column is a date datatype or choice how do we add that in the gallery

  36. WAREHOUSE TECHIE 4 months ago

    Great video matches what I needed for my project. But I am getting a run time error; OBJECT MUST IMPLEMENT ICONVERTIBLE, would you help with this?

  37. Ian Thomas 3 months ago

    What a great video – very well explained. You mention that you are also a "coder" so I, being new to Powerapps, was wondering whether Powerapps is a great tool even for complex data-driven web solutions? Would be great to hear your views. We are at a crossroads of deciding between dotNet and Powerappsand whilst I know it is a "many different views" question I would love to hear your thoughts.

  38. Shane C 3 months ago

    This video just saved me so much time. You’re a genius

  39. Lisa Myers 3 months ago

    April, Great video. My sharepoint list includes the People picker field. I'm having issues with the function to write back these changes from my edit screen. Can you provide the function for writing back the people picker option?

  40. Susan Teng 3 months ago

    This tutorial is awesome. It's exactly what I am looking for. Thank you!

  41. A Fonte 3 months ago

    Great job.

  42. Ahmad Yamout 3 months ago

    Thank you dear for your amazing video

  43. Raphael Pierrout 3 months ago

    What an amazing video, thanks for sharing!

  44. New MBZ 3 months ago

    Awesome video, this is going to help me with an app Im currently building.

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