The Power Apps Community Plan is a free licence for individual use, designed to give you access to the full features of Power Apps for your own learning. This video shows you how to sign up for the Power Apps Community Plan, and how to add a Common Data Service database to your environment.

Note that the Power Apps Community Plan is not for commercial or production use. It is limited to just you as the individual user. It is a great alternative to a trial (because it doesn’t expire after 30 days), particularly if you work for an organisation where you are not able to sign up for a trial or create your own development environment.

Even if you do not work for an organisation with Power Apps licences, you can use the Community Plan to get started with a free individual environment for your learning.

  1. Tonio Barros 10 months ago

    dude! can i join your learners group?

  2. Tammie Miller 8 months ago

    You have to have a work or school account, so seems it's not truly a free option for individuals.

  3. Tazul Islam 7 months ago

    What if I don't have a school or work account? In that case, if I have a job, I can be a part of the power app community only. Now the question comes, where can I find a job to be part of the power app community?

  4. GS 6 months ago

    Hi – I am getting the following error – Server Error in '/' Application. What do i need to do?

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