In this video on Power Apps Office 365 User is Manager & Direct Reports (Role Based Security & Access Control chapter 2), we will explore how to show hide buttons, controls or screens based on the logged in user’s roles / security permissions.

PowerApps Role Based Security video covers the following scenarios:
✅ Check if logged in User is a Manager in Active Directory using Office365Users connector
✅ Get Direct Reports of user using the Office 365 Users connector
✅ Query SharePoint list to get data for direct reports

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Travel Request App scenario (SharePoint list)
01:38 – Get direct reports of user in PowerApps using Office365Users connection
03:22 – Get user profile image using Office365Users connector
05:47 – Show hide controls if user is a manager using Office 365 Users connector
08:42 – Show data based on direct reports of logged in user in Power Apps
12:52 – Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel

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  1. Vidana Weer 2 months ago

    Hi Reza,
    Thanks for another valuable video. I have a requirement to have a staff directory in a sharepoint online page where staff can search contacts details. I m thinking to have a powerapp for this. Do you have a video for this. Thanks .

  2. David Swenson 2 months ago

    Extremely helpful.

  3. r manoj Kumar 2 months ago

    Hi reza, can you please do one video for repeating table in powerapps.

  4. rajan77 2 months ago

    Awesome content. Like we get EE name and job title, can we also get an Employee Number? Thank You

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