Watch this📺 so that your remote meetings are made more effective 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

I had a teams meeting with my Mum the other day and let’s just say it was interesting getting her online as she, along with many other people aren’t familiar with Office 365.

In this tutorial I show the basics of using teams, so that you can get more done remotely.

Here’s a link to how to use Teams on an Ipad

  1. Alison Beattie 1 year ago

    Hi Rory, do you know how to manage teams from the app?

  2. Tanmay Gawde 1 year ago

    Hi Rory, I'm not getting notification sound for teams when someone ping me teams. Do you know how can enable that . I checked Setting for notification and it is ok.

  3. Pretty Sus 9 months ago

    Hi rory, how can i see more than 2 people on web?

  4. S N 9 months ago

    Microsoft doesn’t offer “Use web app” option anymore, They force us to have the app, so Microsoft approach.

  5. Naomi Quintanilla 9 months ago

    Hi Rory on iPad does it work because it says loading Microsoft Teams and after it says unable to use.

  6. rossmcl177 8 months ago

    Hi Rory. This is really helpful about using Teams. Thanks,
    But I have one problem – can you help?
    I use a Chromebook. And when I got it, a few months ago, I installed Teams to open in the normal app (i.e. not the web app). But now, I want to open it in the web app, so that I can connect remotely to my work server.
    The problem is that when I click to open teams on my desktop, it doesn't give me the option to use the web app. It just signs me right into my Teams account (non web app).
    How do I get it to show me the option to use the web app? Thanks.

  7. Isles, Markus C. 8 months ago

    are there any differences between browser and app?

  8. Jenny Halog 7 months ago

    hi Rory, how to see all participants in microsoft teams using browser

  9. Getscamed 6 months ago

    What if you cant see someone who has camera on

  10. Kaushik Sarkar 6 months ago

    It is showing that the web version of that app is not supported in my phone…. 😭😭 Can you please help me out???

  11. ITz_RN 5 months ago

    but if i use camera it doesnt open

  12. your_local _mxnster 5 months ago

    Hi Rory, I tried using Teams in Web Browser but when i sign in my account it won't let me sign in?

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