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One of the big Power Platform announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2021 was Microsoft Power Fx. In this video I break down what Power Fx is, discuss the benefits, what it means for you and the roll out plans all in under 10 minutes!

πŸ”— πŸ”— Links πŸ”—πŸ”—

βœ… Power Fx Overview: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/power-fx/overview

βœ… Power Fx PnP Samples Repo: https://github.com/pnp/powerfx-samples

βœ… What is Power Fx Blog Post: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/what-is-microsoft-power-fx/

βœ… What is Power Fx video by Rory Neary: https://youtu.be/DrE-IBSz9Aw

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – What is Power Fx?
02:24 – What’s New?
03:55 – Roll Out Plans
04:25 – Benefits of Power Fx
06:32 – What Does This Mean for Me??
09:27 – Resources

  1. Matt Harding 2 months ago

    Thanks April, I saw this announcement earlier, good to understand it more

  2. Marcel Ximenes 2 months ago

    Good to know, how much closer the Power Apps to the Excel, better is πŸ˜‰

  3. Y J 2 months ago

    I wonder if it'll be free in the future as well or a paid product

  4. Lee Tyler 2 months ago

    adding open source could be interesting. will be interesting if they'll make that free or a premium feature for the open source addons.

  5. Eric Franke 2 months ago

    Why didn't they just use VBA? It's what Office runs on.

  6. Gowri Sankar 2 months ago

    Interesting. As usual great explanation.

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