Welcome to this Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial Video!

I know, you’re probably wondering “What is a Bizzy?” I wondered the same thing when i first heard about it, but WOW! Let me tell you! Bizzy is a powerful little bot, built on Power Automate that allows you to do all kinds of custom interactions from your #Teams channel.

Go read all about Bizzy over here: https://getbizzy.io/
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Ok, on to the video! For this one, Follow along as i take an outing on a sunny day and am still able to be productive in my work along the journey by using Bizzy to show me what items are overdue in my Planner. This way i can be sure and act on the highest priority items for the day and not miss the important stuff!

In the video i mention putting the expressions in the description – Once we get to the section where the Flow is built, you may want these Expressions to re-use on your own

Tasks Due Today: @and(not(equals(item()?[‘dueDateTime’], ”)), and(greater(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayStart’)), less(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayEnd’))))

Overdue Tasks: @and(and(not(equals(item()?[‘percentComplete’], 100)), not(equals(item()?[‘dueDateTime’], null))), less(string(item()?[‘dueDateTime’]), variables(‘DayStart’)))

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Want to download this Flow and Import it into your own set of Flows? Here are a couple of links for you!

1. Download the Zip – https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnFATp1ms-B-jK4AQxugHnkmludvTQ

2. Instructions on how to Import the Zip – https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/import-export-bap-packages/

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Later friends!

  1. Audrie Gordon 4 years ago

    Love it Jon! What an awesome scenario too! πŸ™‚

  2. AtBot 4 years ago

    Love it Jon! Bizzy lets you bring Flow into places you're already working, at your command. Lots more use cases and ideas over at https://getbizzy.io

  3. Jennifer S 3 years ago

    Where do you find the variable object?

  4. Nice video, Microsoft Teams + Microsoft Planner + Microsoft Flow + AtBot connector scenario. 😁
    and I add my Flow Idea – 'Get choice response from phone'

  5. Gopi 3 years ago

    how did you get the Reply Activity in the get choice response from User?

  6. Vanessa Payne 3 years ago

    Hey there, great video. How do you recommend reporting tasks in Planner, can you use Flow for that?

  7. Jeff Templeman 1 year ago

    Hi Jon. Great videos. I'm trying to create the same "My Tasks" and I'm stuck at adding the expression for "Get Tasks Due Today" and "Get Overdue Tasks". Can you let me know how to add those values?

  8. Diego Naya Lazo 1 year ago


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