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In todays video I am joined by Microsoft Flow MVP – Ahmad Najjar http://twitter.com/ahmadn82 and we are bringing you the SQL Connector!

In this video we cover all of the actions and triggers along with small demos to understand how each part works!

Let us know in the description, what connector you would like to see next!

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As always, much love from me!


– Jon

  1. Jones - GeekZone 2 years ago

    Thx for sharing! Really clear to follow and learn how to do this in a short amount of time.

  2. Chris Webb 2 years ago

    Ahmad's beard grew like a Chia Pet LOL!

  3. 河端善博 2 years ago

    Excellent movie, I'm big fan of SQL Server, Power Query and Microsoft Flow.
    I hope the action of Open Transaction/Commit/Rollback to Microsoft Flow for automate business workflow 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

  4. Reza Dorrani 2 years ago

    Great info on sql connector

  5. Fausto Capellan Jr 2 years ago

    Great stuff, guys!!!

  6. bhargav kumar 2 years ago

    Hi Guys, any idea how this works with PowerBI streaming data set?, I have a flow which pushes the DB rows to PowerBI streaming data set. The problem is SQL connector on flow is pushing all the DB rows instead of pushing the only newly created ones.

    This is creating a duplicate data in PowerBI data set. I have searched a lot in internet but couldn't found anything. Please help me if you are aware of any solution.

  7. Jim Wade 2 years ago

    Very cool, I am a old ECM guy but new to Flow. I see a couple of applications, but, I could be all wet.
    The first application is retrieving data from SQL and passing it to metadata in a SharePoint library to retrieve documents.
    The second is the reverse of that and passing metadata that was captured in SharePoint, probably from a document, to a SQL database.

  8. chahat jaiswal 2 years ago

    Thanks for Sharing! having an issue where my database table requires Employee ID when inserting the Row which in shouldn't be happening unless we are updating the row. Any suggestions?

  9. Anna G. 2 years ago

    bro …

  10. Anand Dwivedi 2 years ago

    How often the data set is automatically refreshed is mean the latency of refresh

  11. Anand Dwivedi 2 years ago

    I used template for Sql Server to Power Bi data set . I have to manually refresh the report in services to se the changes. How can I do refresh the report automatically please help.

  12. Marcos Mercado 2 years ago

    Good video! Thanks for posting it. However, I was hoping that settings for the different SQL Server connector actions would be discussed. Specifically, I am having trouble with the timeout setting on the Execute stored procedure (V2) action. I have set it to 30 minutes but it continues to fail after 2 minutes with the message "GatewayTimeout". Is this a limitation or bug or do I need to change another setting in addition to this one?

  13. registerme2 1 year ago

    Nice video. Note: It is a really bad practice to use IEEE Floating point numbers (like REAL, FLOAT or double) to store currency values. Or pretty much any number with fixed decimal precision that is not expected to be displayed as 10 to the power of x. It often results in rounding errors & comparison errors. eg: "WHERE Amount = 0". fails to find a row as the amount = 0.000000000001.

    Highly recommend you use either DECIMAL(13,4), NUMERIC(13,4), SMALLMONEY or MONEY to store money.

  14. registerme2 1 year ago

    Please read up on SQL Injection Attacks before you create a flow using "Execute a SQL Query". The example you showed is REALLY dangerous. If you permit a user to enter a value & don't check it, A hacker could bypass all your security. They could View, Update or Delete anything in your entire database. They could possibly give themselves Admin rights. Take control of your SQL System. And maybe even leapfrog onto other servers in your network. The Stored proc approach is much safer.

  15. brijendraydv 1 year ago

    Hi,great stuff thanks but i noticed there is a lag of few mins when we create a new table and its not immediately read in flow?could you please expalin if its true.

  16. Mauricio T B 1 year ago

    Does it work with SQL SERVER on PREMISE ? I mean, does it works with SQL SERVER 2014 that I keeps in a specific server (NOT AZURE) ?

  17. Luis Harms 11 months ago

    Can I create an excel file instead of an HTML table?

  18. Jorge Moreno 11 months ago

    The power query is gold

  19. Tyler Smith 11 months ago

    Hey Jon, Thanks you all your videos! Is there a good way to use this to write a large table to SQL server (for instance 400,000 rows)? The insert one at a time in an apply to each would take too long. Thanks!

  20. László Kola 11 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    First of all thank you for this useful video. Does this solution work with the Oracle databases. Do you have any videos how can we set up Oracle database connection in Power Automate? Thank you again!

  21. Steve Rowden 9 months ago

    Great video. Looking for some education on how to import excel into SQL Server using flow. Tried various things with no real guidance and not having any luck. Know of any videos or training I could cut my teeth on?


  22. Dan Druff 7 months ago

    Help!. I'm trying to load an attachment from SQL to sharepoint list. When I opened the file on said list, the file got corrupted

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