Hey, Flow Fans!

Join myself and Yash Agarwal as we show you how to utilize Kaizala with Microsoft Power Automate! And wow!! I had no idea how powerful Kaizala was, did you?!

To get started on flow head to http://flow.microsoft.com

To follow Yash on Twitter head to http://twitter.com/yashagarwal1651

To follow his blog head to http://bythedevs.com

To follow me on Twitter head to http://twitter.com/JonJLevesque

  1. Jeevarajan Kumar 1 year ago

    Yash is a great power platform enthusiasts, he has been so amazing recently ☺️ Great going Yash!

  2. AngryBatVoice 1 year ago

    What a great use case, and I share Jon's astonishment at how robust that Kaizala connector has become!

  3. Bemvilac Brito 1 year ago

    Yash are a truly committed guy! And Kaizala should be a premium app on Office 365, at same level of MS Flow, Power BI, Teams and PowerApps. I use this in my company projects! It is revolutionary. Hope that Microsoft improve it – in special the nasty Kaizala Portal that seems made by non-pros

  4. Nitish Warlord 1 year ago

    Thanks Jon for such great content

  5. Yash Agarwal 1 year ago

    Thank you so much Jon for publishing this and making a video with me. It was great talking to you and collaborating for this cool video πŸ™‚

  6. Bruce Smith 1 year ago

    I would like to see a video in linking Planner to Projects to make a road map as planner is lacking this feature.

  7. Gilbert Mizrahi 1 year ago

    Creating an automation in Kaizala looks super complicated. Not very user friendly.

  8. Bicara Damai 1 year ago

    can we use Kaizala for Video conference?

  9. Michel Hegeraat 10 months ago

    Too bad we have to watch when it is not sharp because they reduced the screen size. Really gives me a headache. Can't this be remade on the original size and put the guys on top?

  10. Kamaldeep Kaur 5 months ago

    How we can know about profile visitors…?please tell me …

  11. Kamaldeep Kaur 5 months ago

    How we can know about profile visitors…?please tell me …

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