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Today I am talking about Button Flows AKA Instant Flows.
There are physical buttons and also virtual buttons. Today we will go over the input types for both, and i will show you how to build a flow using a virtual button, so that you don’t have to ever use a business card again.

If you have questions please leave a comment.

Go ahead and sign up for flow at http://flow.microsoft.com

To buy a Flow Button head over to:
FLIC – https://flic.io/
BTTN – https://bt.tn/

For a getting started guide head to http://aka.ms/flow-resources

To follow me on Twitter head to http://twitter.com/jonjlevesque

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– Jon

  1. VIP Tech 2 years ago


  2. Andrew Jameson 2 years ago

    Done my first button (your busness card), it should look quite cool on Thursday

  3. Andrew Jameson 2 years ago

    Wot No link to to a location where I can get a physical flow button

  4. Nice movie, I like to create the button on my home screen of my Android phone using Flow Button and Flow Widgets with no-code 😁😁😁
    I hope more physical button product for Microsoft Flow Button

  5. Donna Chadwick 2 years ago

    Tested out the business care flow…awesome!! Im hooked!

  6. Anas BOURHLEM 2 years ago

    this is really cool ! and this channel is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing !

  7. Susanne Pflueger 2 years ago

    This video was great and I was able to create my own business card on my cell phone. Is it possible to move or copy the button for the flow to my phone's desktop for easy access? How would that be done?

  8. WΓ­ΕΊΔ™ 2 years ago

    Hey where do I get the next vid, send me a link-

  9. David Foreman 2 years ago

    Is it possible to Capture audio Input like an audio reminder or memo?

  10. Jeff Lehman 1 year ago

    Interesting, but this seemed to the first time you performed this action. Your stumbling onto the unexpected field naming was confusing.

  11. Kristen Hamid 1 year ago

    I don't understand where these live.. like where are they accessed for use?

  12. Helen Blunden 1 year ago

    Thanks Jon, just set up my digital button to capture details instead of a business card. Been going through your videos teaching myself how to use this program. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  13. Andrew Hales 11 months ago

    I have watched this and thought easy I can do that. I buy Power automate and its nothing like shown here and I can not get the fxxx thing to do anything, why is your video false?

  14. Fethi Achour 9 months ago

    Thank you very much. How can we use power automate with Model-Driven? Can you make us an example? Thanks

  15. Marcia Malaguti 8 months ago

    I was going crazy trying to find tips on Automate beyond the templates – just found you. Thank you!
    I am looking forward to consuming all your videos.

  16. Sc0pee 7 months ago

    Infomative demo, but I would still prefer a physical business card. It just feels like a more personal approach! =)

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