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For this weeks video i am showing you a quick demo on how to use Team Flows to collaborate on a #MicrosoftFlow Project!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. Oscar Meza 2 years ago

    I would like to know what “business process flow” if I don’t have dynamics only O365. That’s a video I would like to see.

    greetings from Colombia!

  2. Joshua Josephs 2 years ago

    I actually use this for when i run approvals in my flow. Instead of having all of the approvals come in from my account, i made a "flow admin" account that handles all of the approval parts of the flow. Great tutorial!

  3. GG McCormick 2 years ago

    Hi Jon, do you know which Flow Plan is required to use Team Flows? I have the plan included in O365 E3 but don't seem to have the ability to use Team Flows. When I try to click Team Flows, it prompts me to buy a premium plan.

  4. Keith Duncan 2 years ago

    Just looking at this very thing. About 2 mins 45 in you mention trusting the users (otherwise presumably they could delete your emails – right?) It would be good to see how this works if you dont trust the user. (I want to be able to create flows, share with colleagues, but dont want them having access to my emails – I guess for that reason perhaps service accounts are the way to go).

  5. Maurice Vold 2 years ago

    Jon good video. I have done this very thing a few times. I have also had to rebuild a few flows changing connections from one account to another so always backup before you do that. SharePoint seems to be crankier about that for sure.

  6. mdhruv1 2 years ago

    How can I share my flow and make the people I share the flow only users they cannot edit the flow is that possible

  7. asaad suliman 2 years ago

    how I can  approve Flows within email in outlook client itselft ?

  8. Ralf Granderath 2 years ago

    Thanks Jon for the tutorial. I've the same topic like Chad. I've build a powerapp with the new AI business card reader control in Powerapps and want to store the contact details in the user's address book. This works with a flow if I use my Outlook connector and save to my contacts. But how to share the powerapp and the flow, so that a user can use his/her connection and store the data in his/her own adress book? Is this only possible when I export the flow and send it to every user?

  9. Anthony Davies 2 years ago

    at 2:36 where you get the sharing connection notice it essentially say if you share a flow where you have an email connection with your own credentials , all owners of the flow will be able to read your mails. Is that correct?

  10. Sai Sandeep V 2 years ago

    Nice video. My requirement is to generate an automated mail from any particular sender (who actually added an item to the list of SharePoint). Currently, all the mails are being sent from a single Id which is selected under team flow. Can you give your inputs to this

  11. Volodymyr Kharchenko 2 years ago

    Thank you for shot and useful lessons.

  12. Lucas Miller 1 year ago

    Hey, this is great content! Do you know of any good videos for creating a pdf from info provided through a form and then emailing the pdf?

  13. Could you please help me in "Getting the person's name (from Dynamics) who ran the manual flows under teams"

  14. Annabel Carter 1 year ago

    Hi! This is so helpful ! Thank you! My School has just moved to remote learning after the corona virus ad we are trying to navigate MS teams. I would love to set up A follow to scheduled the posting of videos for my students (we aren't allowed to live stream/video conference atm) . I can't seem to get the videos to embed in the post within flow.
    Any one have any ideas ?

  15. Blutkrähe 10 months ago

    hi, u are the exert of flows =) how can i see, who is the creator of the team flow when we have more owners?
    it's about a scheduled per license

  16. k lewis 9 months ago

    Two million dollar questions – (1) Will "You" have access to all of Gabriel's flows after inviting him to see yours??? (2) Will you be notified via e-mail of flows that Gabriel runs on "his end with his flows", after you invite him to see yours?

  17. R Raj Gurung 9 months ago

    Can we use FLOW to integrate with MS TEAMS to capture the login and logout time of a TEAMS user?

  18. k lewis 9 months ago

    I would love to see a part 2 to this series….don't just ask Gabriel for permission in using his personal email to share the workflow initiative, but instead create and type in a user group that has sharing capabilities on that flow, this way no one's personal email account is "out there" when invited to share. I can think of 2 reasons why this would be a preferred approach within a corporate environment that shares flows. I'm assuming the "user group" option is there for that purpose. How should we set this up?

  19. Daniel Verberne 8 months ago

    I'm utterly new to Power Automate, I've just made my first UI Flow and looking to find a way to easily trigger it. It's the sort of UI flow with Selenium that some teams use as a means of testing a web site functionality, so ideally it's a Team Flow, but I'm stuck at first hurdle creating a Team Flow with choosing a 'model', which gives me this vast set of options and I have no idea what the implications of each will be.

  20. M365 Universe 5 months ago

    Find out the new triggers for MS teams here https://youtu.be/E7vku97l1lA

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