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In this weeks video I am showing you how My Fiancee is using Flow to help automate some common tasks for her small art business! Check it out at www.alishamitchum.com

to get started with Microsoft Flow head to http://flow.microsoft.com

To follow Alisha and all her art head to http://instagram.com/alisha_mitchum_art

Follow me on Twitter? head to http://twitter.com/JonJLevesque

If you would like to make videos like mine, check out my gear list here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jonlevesque


As always, much Love from me!

– Jon

  1. Andrew Jameson 2 years ago

    nice explainer on the integration of flow and mailchimp

  2. HI Jon, I have a questions. there is a way to edit a flow or workflow created in MS Flow with another Flow..

  3. John Huynh 2 years ago

    Cool stuff! Hope I can do cool things with Flow for my work

  4. Matt Morrell 2 years ago

    Great walkthrough thanks!

  5. Baldeep Birak 2 years ago

    The MailChimp integration is great and push notification is useful too

  6. Matheus Barrachi 2 years ago

    Can't find the Create Customer Entry Action. Any other option that would help me to copy all the responses in the form and place them in a SP List?

  7. S.Senguttuvan 2 years ago

    if there will be any way to create data validation drop down list in Microsoft forms ?

  8. Ben Gonzales 2 years ago

    Great tutorials!
    Also, fyi, I blew out my L5 years ago. It's ROUGH. Glad you're in recovery and doing well!

    I'm trying to make a form response that has some 80 columns of data get formatted into a readable xls, doc, or pdf of tables. Basically, scrolling across 80 columns is a real pain for my partners, but being able to email or send the form submission in a more readable format would be prime. I've been researching this for a week. Now I'm asking you.

    Can you take the unique form submission, trigger the data to conform to a printable 1 page format and email it?


  9. Thanks Jon, Great Vid! Regarding forms, any way to include a company logo or image into the top of the form?

  10. Andy Tuke 1 year ago

    Thanks Jon,
    I hope you arent broadcasting her real customer email addresses in this video? Here in the UK that would be a fairly serious breach of GDPR regulations inviting a hefty fine for her business 😉

  11. Alfredo Quezada 1 year ago

    Well, if the customer erroneously adds their email, do you have any way to validate it?

  12. Paul Burns 10 months ago

    HI Jon, can the form and flow be embedded to websites from Weebly etc? Complete novice at this so sorry if it's a stupid question.

  13. Dave Negrotto 6 months ago

    I am still pretty early in my learning, but this is a good, real world, example. What's the entry point here – meaning, how does the "Customer" get access to the form? Especially in this use case, an external user. What license is needed to cover this use case?

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