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This week myself and Daniel Laskewitz MVP ( http://twitter.com/laskewitz) got together to show you all about Approvals V2!!

We cover the actions, what they do, and demo how you can use them!

To see the Word Connector video with Daniel go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzm965PlYl0

To get started with Microsoft Flow head to http://flow.microsoft.com

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  1. Andrew Jameson 2 years ago

    I would not fancy missing breakfast for keynote presentation

  2. Alexandria Hernandez 2 years ago

    What if you have multiple users that need to approve based on a list item that the user picks?

  3. Alexandria Hernandez 2 years ago

    Users need a way to track the progress of an approval

  4. William Reed 2 years ago

    Great video and demo! Thanks. Still my top wish list is to be able to change that Flow defualt sender name “Microsoft Flow”. Reason why we are not still using modern approval up to now.

  5. HN S 2 years ago

    is there any solution to fix or manipulate timezone used by approvals ?
    For exemple if we start an approval in a country like FRANCE we need to have the "date created" in FRANCE time Zone. It does not seems to be like this.
    Can anyone explain and give documentation (if there is 😉 ) about this scenario please ? 🙂

    Many thx

  6. Alex McLeod 2 years ago

    Very Cool!

  7. shocker147 2 years ago

    My wish is that the link that is sent in the approval email would be clickable.

  8. Why he didn't show the whole process in the outcome stage?, I don't see the actions in my env, create work file, create pdf, send event flyer..where did you get those? Maybe they have changed the naming, that's why it would have helped if he at least clicked on the actions to see the details, funny even by mistake he didn't click one ..

  9. MaxRH92 2 years ago

    Great video 🙂 🙂
    Have they changed the premium package ? When i started creating my flow a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to choose the v2 premium approvals, but I went for the basic “start and wait…” options Now I realized my flow needs to run way longer than 30 days and i am desperately looking for a possibility to make my flow run 2-3 months. 🙁

  10. Lisa Crosbie 2 years ago

    Fantastic demo, thanks Daniel and Jon. I was running App in a Day today and the topic of approvals came up – this answers pretty much all the questions!

  11. Anand Vadivelan 2 years ago

    I am seeing an issue with approval step timeout. The approval in the dashboard still is active, allows a “succcessfully registered” message and does not give an error as written in the MS Documentation, even if the approval has timed out. Is this a bug? Have you come across this situatuion?

  12. Argo Nautilus 2 years ago

    How did you get that Approvals look in the email with your photo? Mine looks really basic

  13. Poryotis 2 years ago

    I hope the wishes listed at the end become available and not for Premium.

  14. jhajeedost 2 years ago

    Hi Jon, Fantastic Demo with so much clarity. I do have one question though. every time i set up the Approval workflow it doesn't give option to Approve & Reject in mail it self as you showed in your demo. I am getting Buttons Approve & Reject and once you click on them it is opening the MS flow application and there you have option to Approve & Reject as well as comment section. Is there any thing i am missing here?

  15. Parmeswor Shrestha 2 years ago

    That was an awesome demo. I'd like to approval options like reassigning the task and return with 'additional info required'. I love to see that how it is done as a good practice.

  16. FOZTV 1 year ago

    Hi dear
    I want to post photo album from url on google sheet on facebook page
    How can i do that?
    Thank you

  17. Ashanta Palei 1 year ago

    What about reject the request & resubmitted request approval flow ?

  18. Lisa Sanders 1 year ago

    OMG, I have been looking for a full info video or document for custom approval for 2 days. Everything seems just to cut off before they explain how to get it to work. Thank you!

  19. Alex Delery 1 year ago

    In an multi-approval, is there any way for the first approver to choose who the next one is during the flow run? Rather than reassign?

  20. Hariyanto Widjaja 11 months ago

    Can this approval including custom content to describe what is the approval for?

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