What’s up friends!?

It’s time i redid my Power Automate introduction, as my last version was almost two years old!

This was my session for MBAS but i wanted to make sure anyone could also see this useful session!

00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – Agenda
01:30 – What is Power Automate?
03:20 – The Home Page
04:04 – Templates
06:37 – Connectors
08:56 – Types of flows
15:35 – UI Flow Demo
19:30 – Conclusion
20:35 – Where to find more info
22:40 – Get Subscribed

Once you have completed this video be sure to go and check out my Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial video with Hadley Griffin – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV0RB

To get started with Microsoft Flow head over to http://flow.microsoft.com



For a getting started guide all in one spot visit http:aka.ms/pacomm

To follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/jonjlevesque

Want to make videos like mine?! Check out all of my gear on my Amazon Shop! https://www.amazon.com/shop/jonlevesque


Later friends!

– Jon

  1. Andrew Jameson 11 months ago

    A great basic expliner.

  2. Sydney Darier 11 months ago

    Great update!!!! Looking forward to trying UI flows. Keep the great content coming.
    What happened to motivational Monday????

  3. Ashley Lauren Cruz 11 months ago

    Hi there! Is there a place we can reach out to you for questions? Thanks for creating this video!

  4. Love your videos. Keep it up.

  5. Rehan 11 months ago

    Very comprehensive, smooth and structured…Thanks a lot

  6. Devin Kearns 11 months ago

    Jon – big fan of your videos. Thanks for the engaging introduction to Power Automate.
    One rec for the future – your audio was a bit rough and distracting. You might consider a microphone on the headset so you're not picking up the wide-open ambiance of the room.
    Keep up the great work!

  7. Honeivt - SathishB 11 months ago

    Hi Jon Levesque.. Thanks for posting this.. I want to learn Power Automate.. please help me where I can get course and if any documents..

  8. akash mokhriwale 11 months ago

    Hi Jon. Thanks for the insights.
    As you usually ask, i wanted to throw another challenge and let me know if you have taken it up by replying.
    How can i use Flow to consolidate results from Google web-search in an excelsheet?

  9. andres antonio Martinez 10 months ago

    Hello, I want to thank you for such good videos. See you request their help? I am working on a PowerApps with REST API and Power Automate services. I have a problem when there are empty or null fields. Example: "addressline1": null or "addressline1": "". I want to know if there is a way to remove those fields from PowerAutomate. Thank you

  10. TuffFallon 10 months ago

    thx bro

  11. Mihir Patel 10 months ago

    Thank you so much !!

  12. gio mvp 10 months ago

    Nice!!! When are the business process flows videos coming?

  13. Shikta Chatterjee 10 months ago

    Dear sir,

    I can not open those link which you provided in the video. If possible kindly provide those link in the description part

  14. Elliot Williams 10 months ago

    i learnt alot from this. damn cool man. btw can i know what is your mic setup? sounds so clear.

  15. Roger Huang 10 months ago

    Hi Jon,

    Thank you for the introduction video.
    I'd like to reach out to you and see if you know there is a template from Microsoft Power Automate for business budget trackers.
    I typed "budget tracker", "finance", and "accounting", but did not see any relevant template.
    The purpose of creating this template is to document every expense that my company spends on and at the end of each fiscal year, I would be able to populate a dashboard of showing what sub-category the company spends, analyzing each expense, and so on.
    Would it be possible that I can do the above tasks by using Microsoft Power Automate?
    Thank you so much for your help in advance


    Roger Huang

  16. Fola Mimi 9 months ago

    thanks sir for all this valuable information i just have a question when we create manual or triggered flows do these flows still work when we are not connected to the powerautomate web or is there an agent that should be installed on the computer like uipath or automation anywhere. have

  17. Konrad Balon 9 months ago

    Good stuff! Will you record more videos e.g about using typescripts and office script recorder?

  18. Janean Brown 9 months ago

    I am needing some assistance in visualizing and creating flow/SharePoint project tracking for Museum Copy Editing process.. Could you offer some suggestions?

  19. Ho Jon, thanks for your teachings. I would like to create a connection between Forms and answering with an email getting the info from the form. Do you have a video for it? I have seen several but is not what I am looking for. Could you please help me out? Thanks!

  20. Hemant Kumar 9 months ago

    Hey Jon, Many Thanks for this. It really helps a lot 🙂

  21. Senell Ionus 8 months ago

    Dear @Jon, I am working on a project using Flows and a little bit of guidance from your side will be very useful? How could I contact you? Many thanks for your all work.

  22. Angela Kong 8 months ago

    A great intro to begin thinking about Power Automate! Hopefully, I will be able to learn how to do this.

  23. Patrick Keller 8 months ago

    Cannot wait to start using this at my credit union!!

  24. mani ani 7 months ago

    Hello GE
    How to filter sharepoint birthday list by todays date in powerapps screen
    my sharepoint name is birthday : name | DOB | birthday days & Months i had used powerapps
    filter(sharepoint list name source file , birthday day & months =today()) but dosent display todays list in powerapps can you help (formula)

  25. Christina Koncker 7 months ago

    Great tutorial, but the links to the flow tutorials and UI flow tutorials just go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/. Can you provide updated links?

  26. Phal SOK 6 months ago

    Dear Jon Levesque Tech,

    As I try to connect the data from Kaizala App to Power BI for automation report but I can not connect it. Could you let me know how we do it works.

    thank you for your time,

    Best regard,

    SOK Phal.

  27. AtomicPineapple 6 months ago

    am i the only one that my teacher is making us watch these videos for homework?

  28. Yolanda Vasquez 6 months ago

    Can data collected on a form or questionnaire, be automated to transfer to multiple forms, rather than just notify you of the answers?

  29. MrPolozuneMath 6 months ago

    Good stuff Jon. Just got promoted into a significant sales role coming from data science and analytics. Mastered power query and power bi from my previous role but this will tie everything together. Looking forward to see what you portfolio offers. Think your content is the key to my success

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