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Happy Flow Tuesday and Happy Halloween!

I can never pick what Halloween costume that I want to wear and i always wait until the last minute and spend hours in the store trying to figure it out! This year, thanks to April Dunnam (http://twitter.com/aprildunnam) a future Microsoft Flow MVP, And her awesome PowerApps and Flow solution, I don’t have to do the normal indecisive game!

Make sure to check out her Flow of the Week on Wednesday at https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/intermediate-flow-of-the-week-halloween-costume-decisions-made-easy-with-flow – To see how this solution is built!

To get started building your first Microsoft Flow head over to http://flow.microsoft.com

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Much Love!

See you in the next video!

  1. Dunde Man 3 years ago

    That transition to a knight haha

  2. Dunde Man 3 years ago

    That transition to a knight haha

  3. April Dunnam 3 years ago

    Love it! Flow makes it easy to make decisions. That transition to a knight is killer!

  4. Gopi Kesana 1 year ago

    Nice explanation.Thanks

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