Have you ever wanted to know what fields on your forms are being used? Been asked to make forms easier to use based on usage? Well the Attribute Usage Indicator will tell you what fields are being used and by what % – Here is a guide on how to get that information quickly

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and also XRMToolBox – http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/

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  1. svanvloten 3 years ago

    Hello, I'm trying to use the Attribute Usage Inspector on a large DB entity, but it keeps giving me statistics based on 63 records only. Even if I change the settings, the maximum number of records per call is automatically set to 5k max but I still get statistics on 1k2 records only. Is it possible to configure the AUI tool to get statistics based on more records ?
    I might have misunderstood but I thought it could manage to 50k records per entity. Otherwise, how are those statistics build ? Are they generated from the latest records or is it a random pick from the overall records ? Thanks a lot !

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