My pick of the top 5 announcements from Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2021, summarised in 5 minutes.

Power Apps – New Modern App Designer
Power Apps – Roadmap for single app authoring experience (app convergence)
Power BI Goals
Power Apps for Teams – share with colleagues
Power Apps for Teams – new template apps
New Dynamics 365 icon
Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide: Success by Design

  1. Arafat Tehsin 4 months ago

    Very much timed! Super useful and very exciting features coming, esp. the first two. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  2. Cristiane Alencar 4 months ago

    Thank you Lisa. Great job!!

  3. Tony Djohan 4 months ago

    I would also put that modern app thingy first. Exciting. Thanks for the recap.

  4. Franco Musso 4 months ago

    Modern app designer FTW!!

  5. Hassan Kazemi 4 months ago

    Canvas Custom Pages inside Model Driven Apps!!!!
    who0Oo-who0Oo let's use this in some projects now!!

  6. Darren Lutchner 4 months ago

    I am also excited with you about creating Canvas Apps with Model Driven. I constantly live in both camps and to be truthful its been a pain to manage.

  7. John Bordin 4 months ago

    Thanks so much for the highlights. I am keen to test the Profile + Template App but it doesn't seem to be available in the Tenants that I could check. Hopefully, it will be added soon

  8. Ali Khan 4 months ago

    Thanks for summarising all the big announcements from MBAS 2021. Very useful! I am going on sharing spree with this video to my colleagues and customers 😊

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