Today in SharePoint a library or list cannot have more than 50,000 unique security scopes. When you enable SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365, this limitation can be exceeded if your organisation handles a large volume of files. In thiw #WTF episode I’ll show you how to better manage your Document Libraries by splitting them out into periods based on a date column in Dynamics 365. This is a continuation from my previous #WTF Episode 33.

00:00​ – Introduction
00:14​ – Agenda
00:31​ – How SharePoint works with Dynamics 365
02:18​ – The Issue
03:18​ – The Logic
04:37​ – The trigger of the cloud flow
05:12 – Why a delay action is used
05:54 – Get Case Row
06:13 – Explaining the compose action
06:23 – List Document Location rows
06:55 – Using an Initialize Variable
07:33 – Explaning the Condition action
07:45 – Yes Path – Create a new Document Library
09:15 – No Path – Use existing Document Library
09:36 – Move folder action
09:59 – Updating the Dynamics 365 Document Location record
10:12 – The cloud flow in action
15:47 – Connecting Software as an alternative

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