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Welcome to Rapid Power podcast! In this episode, we are joined by two members of Microsoft PowerCAT team and also the two people who have played a crucial role in my Power Platform journey –

Brian Dang, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
Twitter – Brian Dang (@mrdang) / Twitter
Blog – https://8bitclassroom.com/

Sameer Bhangar, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Twitter – Sameer Bhangar (@sameerbhangar) / Twitter
Poems – https://medium.com/@sameerbhangar

Questions discussed in the show:
Power Platform:
1. What is one of the most memorable moments that you recall that was related to Power platform/ PowerAddicts community (Vivek)
2. What would your daily work look like without the Power Platform? (Brian)
3. Who is someone you know (friend, family, acquaintance), that you’d love to see get interested in Power Platform and start creating? And why this person? (Sameer)

1. What apps/tools do you use to stay organized? (Vivek)
2. We have seen members of our community have hidden talents outside of tech: music, art, fashion. What is a skill or talent you have that others may not know about? (Brian)
3. What are some questions you’re asking yourself, or questions you might ask, to guide your intentions for 2021? (Sameer)

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