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Filmed Entirely on the HTC One.
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“Quietly Brilliant goes Harlem Shake…”

  1. Andrew Liu 8 years ago

    The video looks kind of blurry…

  2. Jon Levesque Tech 8 years ago

    try using an HD Setting…

  3. jaynee04427 8 years ago

    you can change the resolution to HD

  4. Andrew Liu 8 years ago

    Awesome, definitely tell people to watch it in HD, because the default mode does not look good.

  5. radiotrib 8 years ago

    YOU REALLY MUST see this in HD to appreciate the movie camera on the HTC One

  6. Riccardo Verde 8 years ago

    It looks stupid but I also feel in this. You should force the video to 1080hd or put a note on the video!

  7. DR4eva84 8 years ago

    I spotted Liz and Laura from HTC in this video. couldn't find the mischievousone known as Jeff though…

  8. Ced 8 years ago

    This is third grade quality from ultra pixel camera! Or is it my phone since it's only cap of playing 720p but this is like 320p

  9. Conceptical 8 years ago

    Saw it in 720 and 1080. Still blurry

  10. RMC Videographers 8 years ago

    Looks like good quality. Not going to be much better than my One X I guess since 1080 is 1080 or am I wrong. Wish I could get this phone but my One X contract still has a year on it. Guess I will see what comes next year.

  11. RMC Videographers 8 years ago

    also look at 0:12 in the back passage way… lol I found a ninja

  12. Swerner 8 years ago

    need some glasses? 😉

  13. Raymond Wilson 8 years ago

    Lol people said this was blurry its clear as help. The camera is very nice on the one. Its bright and clear

  14. Raymond Wilson 8 years ago


  15. jaymor26 8 years ago

    Very blurry

  16. Ashwin Ramdin 8 years ago

    Well, the people that don't see that the left side is blurry definitely need glasses or eye surgery.

  17. Luca 8 years ago

    We can all complain about the quality but we all know it doesn't really matter because a real videographer doesn't use a smartphone to record his videos..

  18. racingred1000 8 years ago

    Better than samsung's gangnam style

  19. Deveal Stone 8 years ago


  20. Gabriel Hollandsworth 3 years ago

    Bro this video has 18k views lol

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