Praise is a standard Microsoft app for Teams, which you can use to send praise badges to your colleagues, either in a channel for public recognition or through chat for personal praise. This tutorial takes you through how to find and use the Praise app, how to add and use the social and emotional learning badges for education, and how to create your own custom badges.

00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Finding and using the Praise app in Teams
01:04 – Send a Praise badge in a channel
02:02 – Send a Praise badge in a chat
02:41 – Switch on the Education badges
03:20 – Create a custom badge
05:42 – Notifications
06:21 – Subscribe for more tips and tutorials

Manage the Praise app in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center (includes all assets for default cards):

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  1. Megan V. Walker 3 months ago

    Shame that I would never get your custom badge 😂 – very nicely done my friend!

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