In this tutorial video, you will learn how to create a PowerApps tabbed form experience for the Form Control. The tabs create a better experience or UX for the users by avoiding scrolling. The Tabs form showcased in this video is built for a Power Apps customized SharePoint List by leveraging a simple Gallery Control and a button.

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Table of Contents:
00:00​ – Intro
00:20 – SharePoint List customized PowerApps form
01:14 – Create a Tabbed Form
05:05 – Show/Hide columns based on Tab selection
08:09 – Add visual indicator for selected tab
09:23 – Power Apps Tabbed Form in action
10:02 – Subscribe

  1. Thought Diffusion 2 weeks ago

    Very very nice and systematic way for tabular format creation. I did this in my project with some stupid way however that's work but your method is absolutely best . Thanks for presenting it well.

  2. Vikas Shankar Mishra 2 weeks ago

    Its informative , request to you for some more use cases of power apps with dataverse as i have less exposure with dataverse, wanted to learn more. Thanks!!

  3. Canais evangélicos 2 weeks ago

    I am just passing here to say that i love your videos and i admire your knowledge. Thanks for helping me learn. God bless you!

  4. N S 2 weeks ago

    Very useful Forms App. You rocked us. Amazing. Thanks Reza.

  5. Maximilian Hofmann 2 weeks ago

    As always a nice and easy understandable tutorial. Thanks. I will share this YouTube link in our company!

    By the way: I really hope,l that the customized forms (or the JSON formatted forms) will be someday available in the SharePoint iOS App.
    I don’t recommend using the customized forms or JSON formatting (even with the just released Lists-iOS-App) because it only works on the browser. And if you have installed these apps on your smartphone, the Apps is started automatically. 🙁

  6. Stavros Vogiatzis 2 weeks ago

    This is the best 'Tab' explanatory, thank you Reza.

  7. Fahad Imran 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Reza

  8. Jonathan COPIN 2 weeks ago

    I just finished an app with tabbed forms… on multiple screens with Patch functions and a lot of conditions… and I think I will start anew with this amazing solution. Thanks Reza this will be soooooo helpfull !! 🙂

  9. Elliot Fraser 2 weeks ago

    Great video Reza, I was wondering, what is the benefit of using a gallery instead of just creating 3 buttons? Keep up the great content!

  10. Ricardo Carneiro 2 weeks ago

    Agreed. Best Powerapps TAB tutorial. Thanks for sharing

  11. N S 2 weeks ago

    Hi Reza, How did you display SharePoint List name in the Label of Header? Thanks in advance

  12. Juan Davila 2 weeks ago

    Wonderful video, I am learning a lot with you. Thanks

  13. Naveen Kumar 2 weeks ago

    Hi Reza.. Another informative video, can we also use ThisItem.IsSelected to highlight the selected tab right?

  14. RAJnesh THAKUR 2 weeks ago

    Very nice

  15. Ranjit Singh 2 weeks ago

    Amazing video. 👍

  16. Andres P 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful job

  17. Wow, thanks so much Reza. I really love it.

  18. languagelady1060 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. I was struggling with this earlier this week.

  19. Suji Sam 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much Reza! This is amazing solution for tabbed concept. I am going implement this in one of my solution. Thanks again 🙂

  20. Isaac Cahueñas 2 weeks ago

    Good job Reza, this tabs in the forms simplified and help when the list have many columns

  21. Emmanuel Maceda 2 weeks ago

    Making it look so easy as always Reza. Thank you!

  22. Don Piston 2 weeks ago

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.
    I am wondering how the experience will look like if there are field validations for some of those fields in the tabs. I am guessing we could use coalesce function to automatically show the tab that contains fields that failed validation. Just thinking out loud.

  23. alzaimoor79 2 weeks ago

    Another great and useful video, this will help as to create mobile apps with this technique, I miss intro 😉 thanks for sharing

  24. Ger Fer 2 weeks ago

    Though I hv a ?
    I hv built a tab form , but navigation from one screen to tab screen Form does not appear unless I click one of the Tab button🤔

  25. Emilio Roqueta 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing Reza !!

  26. Saulo Oliveira 2 weeks ago

    Simple and very efficient solution. Thank you so much Reza!!!

  27. sunny AB 2 weeks ago

    Thank you!!!🙏

  28. Lex Uiterlinden 2 weeks ago

    Hi Reza. Again: the simplicity is 'king' + your excellent presentation skills. Thanks. All small usable examples are welcome. Gr. Lex

  29. Mario Rojas 2 weeks ago

    Hi Reza. This is a great video. Can I customize a sharepoint list with a 45 columns? I am trying with two and it’s not appears the option with power apps.

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