This video demonstrate how to create dependent lookup and add into the entity form without writing any code. This video also demonstrate how to create business rules in new business rules UI of Dynamics 365.

  1. NOOB master 3 years ago

    Can you pls send me mail to my e mail,

  2. Revanth Kammula 3 years ago

    Is it possible to do the same if the fields( Country and City) are in two different forms?

  3. Arunkumar V. B 3 years ago

    Wonderful, this is what I was looking for. Thanks for the video.

  4. Mohammed 2 years ago

    Excellent, Please do few more Videos and keep going on Mr.Goutam Das……

  5. krishna dasari 2 years ago

    dear goutjam sir,,,,,awesome but i want real time business rule project so kindly post ..

  6. Madhu Madhavi 1 year ago

    I started learning CRM D365 can you please show how you added records in an entity too. I want to try this example

  7. Hi Gautam– Really nice initiative and well presented. I have one suggestion. Though Microsoft allows to create direct Lookup attribute where earlier to create Look we have to create through relationships. MS handles it. But, ultimately, a lookup is nothing but Foreign Key and handles with Guid. Therefore, it will be always suggested to add "id" at the end attribute while created or use relationship where this already being taken care. Again, very good work

  8. Javier Giron 9 months ago

    Great video explained! There are many sources out there that have a very complicated process and not many work or require lots of code. This is a very nice and smooth way to get it done! Thanks for sharing this type of content

  9. Ashok Naik 6 months ago

    Thanks for very clear example and explanation…

  10. កូន ទូច 6 months ago

    Hi bro, i cannot enable “Related Records Filtering” at all. It always return to “no tick” after save and publishing. Can you pls help?

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