Microsoft Teams offers three different levels of noise suppression to help you reduce background noise in meetings. This short video demonstrates the High noise suppression feature (which suppresses all background sound that isn’t speech) compared with the Auto (default) noise suppression. I also show you how to switch between the noise suppression options.

  1. Darren Lutchner 8 months ago

    Great little video. Have you tested it on kids noise in the background? My kids are bit old to do it. I wanna hear if it suppresses a hangry child screaming noise 🙂

  2. Arafat Tehsin 8 months ago

    Very cool! 👍

  3. FIRESTAR 7 months ago

    Parents shouting in the with suppressed mode on
    Teacher: Yo who is shouting
    Me:Doesn't care
    Teacher: Ahhh tells my name and tells to mute

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