What’s up my friends?!

This is a very special day! I am finally releasing a project that I have been working on for quite a long time now. In the spirit of practice what you preach.. I decided to go ahead and release this episode and not remake it, but instead to take my learning forward as I work on the next videos.

I hope you enjoy it, this has been a real labor of love.

00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – The world of Grand Theft Auto
02:00 – The business at hand
03:00 – What is the Power Platform?
05:45 – Get started with Community
07:10 – Conclusion
07:40 – Subscribe!

To get started with the Power Platform head to http://powerplatform.microsoft.com

To visit the Power Platform communities head to http://powerusers.microsoft.com

To follow me on Twitter head to http://twitter.com/JonJLevesque

to make videos like mine head to my shop https://www.amazon.com/shop/jonlevesque

as always please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE

Much Love from Me!
– Jon

  1. Tonje Waasjø 4 weeks ago

    Nice Jon! Looking forward to future episodes =)

  2. Jon Russell 4 weeks ago

    Awesome Jon !!

  3. Andy McKnight 4 weeks ago

    This is such a weird combination I'm really curious where you're going with it. Subscribed.

  4. Simi Calcagno 4 weeks ago

    Great work! This is really cool!

  5. Chris Smith 4 weeks ago

    Awesome job Jon, fun approach to it all!

  6. Jason Daraz 4 weeks ago

    Great video. I used to love making machinima in World of Warcraft. Great to see it used to explain the power platform, can't wait for the rest of the series.

  7. Henry Phillips 4 weeks ago

    What a concept! Love it! Reminds me of how much I am longing for the next GTA though 🙁 Looking forward to the next instalment 🙂

  8. Matt Collins-Jones 4 weeks ago

    Love this idea!! Cannot wait for the rest of the series.

  9. David Adams 4 weeks ago

    Great intro! Intrigue? Check.

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