I wanted to display Google Maps in my model-driven app using coordinates from my Flic button. I decided to give canvas apps a go, it was my first time too. It worked 🙂

My learning materials were:
1. Shane Young’s video – https://youtu.be/-KrFjx9GATA
2. This docs.microsoft.com article – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/model-driven-apps/embedded-canvas-app-add-classic-designer

This coming Friday (February 14, 2020) I’ll be presenting at Microsoft Ignite the Tour Sydney. A lucky person from the audience will be the owner of a brand new lime flic button!

Attend my session – https://sydney.myignitetour.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/92299?source=sessions

See you there!

#benitezhere #MSIgniteTheTour #WTF

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