At Microsoft Inspire (Tuesday 21st July 2020), they announced that Forms Pro would become Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. This is a HUGE announcement for anyone using Forms Pro. It’s been pretty big for me personally as I have been lucky enough to review Customer Voice & provide feedback. I think there are some fantastic new features, and it will be exciting to see where it goes.

Blog post to go along with the video:
⭐Forms Pro Becomes Customer Voice:

I talked about this with my good friend Lisa Crosbie on our podcast too:
🎀 The UP Podcast – Episode 8:

I will also be doing my first demo of Customer Voice on a webinar for the xRMVirtual User Group on Tuesday, August 4th. Find out more using the link below, and add it to your calendar:
πŸ“… xRMVirtual User Group – Customer Voice Demo:

You can also review the official links from Microsoft:
πŸ“£ Announcement from Microsoft:
πŸ“„ Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Overview:
πŸ“„ Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Capabilities:

There is also content available on Microsoft Learn which can be accessed here:
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Customer Voice Microsoft Learn Modules:

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  1. Feridun Kadir 10 months ago

    Great summary of the annoucement, thanks.

  2. NordOlli 10 months ago

    I've often heard about you from colleagues but this is the first video from you I actually see. Thanks for the very useful information! One thing I noticed though: I am more of the audio guy, 'hearing' videos while doing something else, so having the actual questions only shown and not spoken breaks my flow. Maybe that is something you could consider πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  3. Rob Quickenden 10 months ago

    Great summary Megan – have shared this with a few people!! πŸ™‚

  4. Ronald Santos 9 months ago

    Hi Megan, great video. One of the real barriers to our org using Forms Pro was U couldn't save responses and return to continue the survey. Do you know if Customer Voice has this functionality? We won't be using Customer Voice (will opt for Survey Monkey instead) if the 'Save and Return' feature is not implemented.

  5. Iain Lambie 8 months ago

    Two of the biggest features of forms that i used was the ability o set expiry dates and the ability to maintain responses as anonymous, both of which seem to have disappeared. It looks like there has been a lot of functionality removed.

  6. Hi Megan. Great video, It helps me to understand more about this change and new Microsoft product! I have one question! To work with this new product, Customer Voice, It would be enough if I have Sales Application? Or It will be necessary to have others D365 party Apps as Marketing Application?

  7. Gabriel Sinaga 7 months ago

    Can we only subscribe to Customer Voice without having the entire Dynamics?

  8. Paulo Pereira 6 months ago

    Hi Megan, I am trying to work with variables into my new Customer Voice Forms. As it changed from Forms PRO, and now we have new connectors can you update you video to and show a flow to send invitation, and another triggered when Response been summited so we can recover variables and work with then.

    Then reason I need is that I need to send a form to a customer, and need to identify this customer when he respond it. I am having a big time making this to work with my beginners knowledge around this matter.

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