The Flow Condition Builder was released early February 2019. I show you how to replicate what you are already familiar with in Dynamics 365 workflows when using the Flow Condition Builder.

This WTF episode will help with your learning to transition from Dynamics 365 workflows to Flow when you need to configure conditional checks.

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Notable Blog Posts:
For Feridun’s blog post on Activity Count –

Another blog post I forgot to mention is one by Fausto where he has a list of functions that are used in Collections in Flow –

To provide feedback to the Flow Product team on improvements to the Condition Builder, please submit your idea at

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  1. PeseSamoa75 3 years ago

    Keep it flowing Elaiza! 🤙

  2. Lucien Reuter 2 years ago

    Nice video, have a Question I have a custom field (multiselect) in Dynamics365 whiche manage the Roles a Contact can have (eq Intern, Extern, Partner) In my flow I would like to check if the Person have one of the rolles. I thought I could go for -> Conditions – mycustomfield isequal – the value of the field (example 10000001) but this doesnt work… what am I'm doing wrong, do you have an idea?

  3. Mark Fletcher 1 year ago

    Do you have any guidance on setting up Trigger Conditions? I have a flow that uses the "when a record is selected" but want to restrict it being run if a field value shows as true (indicating it has been run already!).

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