This video shows how you can make use of power query to perform financial account reconciliations that are capable of resizing themselves according to the data that is provided. It’s a relatively long video as it contains all the steps required to perform the process.

All of this is available within excel so please dig in.

The source files are contained here :-

You can download power query (Excel 2013) here:

If you have Excel 2016 you should not need to do any downloads.

Please drop me feedback if you find this useful.

  1. firaangi 4 years ago

    Excellent Technique, wonderful explanation Thanks

  2. jazzista1967 4 years ago

    Great example. It gave an idea on a recon project with hundreds of rows coming from several tables. Thanks

  3. VIRAT JONEJA 2 years ago


  4. Martin Short 2 years ago

    This looks fantastic and will save me loads and loads of time. I tried implementing it in a reconciliation project but came unstuck when I found that "Conditional Column" under "Add Column" is completely missing. I tried upgrading Excel 2016 to no avail. Any ideas?

  5. tikkki25 1 year ago

    Great example

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